Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Still from Mirror, Mirror
Okay, first thing's first. What is going on with Julia Roberts' Accent here? After seeing the much darker Trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman, Tarsem Singh presents this much lighter and Comical take of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale, Mirror, Mirror

Although a bushy-eyebrowed Lily Collins takes on the starring role of Snow White, this really is all about The Evil Queen played by Roberts.  And after seeing handsome (at one point shirtless!) Armie Hammer in a couple of more intense Films, The Social Network and J. Edgar back-to-back, we now get to see some Comedic Chops from him.

The Trailer premiered earlier today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and now it's here for all of us to enjoy online!

Watch the Trailer in full below:

See some beautiful Stills from the Movie here.

Yet another Hit from Alliance Films! March 16, 2012, Mavenati.

(Photo/video credit: Relativity Media)