Sunday, January 2, 2011


James Franco & Natalie Portman on Entertainment Weekly
Although I know it hit newsstands a couple days ago, I just got around to reading this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly this morning in bed, and I must say it is quite possibly the best issue ever.  In two separate Cover Stories, depending on which version you find, both James Franco and Natalie Portman get equal top billing.   We learn that both Actors are good friends after having worked together on upcoming Medieval Comedy, Your Highness out in April.  Due to conflicting schedules though, they haven't been able to hang out despite checking-in often to compare availabilities.

Keith Staskiewicz chats with Franco, mentioning how 127 Hours Director Danny Boyle was unimpressed with the Actor after first meeting him, thinking he was high and v. unfocused.  Upon meeting Franco a second time, Boyle stated that "He (Franco) is very sharp. He uses it as a technique, I think, because it allows him to suss out the room and suss out what's going on before he commits.".  

We also get to see the Actor's ridiculously busy Itinerary for December 7, 2010 which included two Photo Shoots for W and Entertainment Weekly Magazines, two classes, shooting his latest project The Broken Tower, appearances on both LIVE! With Regis and Kelly and Inside the Actors Studio, an appearance at the YMCA, a bit of sleep and then some more filming.  Good God.

Just before announcing her engagement and pregnancy, Natalie Portman chat with Adam Markovitz about how she thought "literally she was going to die" while filming Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan.  She says that the trick to getting guys to see a Ballet-themed Movie with deadpan expression, "A lesbian scene.  Everyone wants to see that", before breaking into laughter.

Markovitz asks some of Portman's famous Co-stars what they think about her serious and intense nature while working.  Ashton Kutcher confirms, "Uh, no, that's her." - both Actors appear in next month's No Strings Attached.    Kutcher's That '70s Show alumni Mila Kunis felt the opposite, saying "I don't want to ruin her reputation, but she definitely has a goofy side" after having known Portman for many years and having worked together on Black Swan.

I can't seem to find a link to the Interviews on Entertainment Weekly's website, but you should definitely pick up a copy of this issue.  The ultimate.

(Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly/Martin Schoeller)

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