Saturday, June 11, 2011


Wow.  It seems my last Post about the Toronto arrivals of Kevin McHale, Mark Salling, Heather Morris and Darren Criss have caused quite a stir among the most ardent of Gleeks and even some of the Cast members themselves.

Firstly, I thank you for taking the time to read and to have an opinion.  Secondly, I want you to know it is never my intention to upset Readers or even the Talent themselves.  If you're just visiting Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven for the first time, you'll quickly understand through a quick look through previous entries that this is a Blog which tries to spread a positive energy and celebrate the Fan and Celebrity dynamic.

I have no reason to alter facts or make others' lives difficult.  Neither do I claim to be foolproof in accuracy - I do however report what is observed and verify to the best of my ability.  I have been a die-hard Gleek since its Pilot episode Spring 2009 and own every DVD and CD released thus far, plus having paid $500 for a Meet & Greet which apparently "entitles" Fans and myself either to meet one or two of the Cast members; I'm not even permitted to bring my Camera along also I'm told. I side with the Gleeks but simply cannot report much positive based on yesterday's observations and surely could find at least a dozen people to substantiate those observations.

I fail to see how being given false excuses one moment outside their Hotel and then later on seeing Criss and Salling make exceptions for a few Fans inside their Hotel isn't contradictory?   Or in the least bit, dishonest?  I totally get that Celebrities can't make time for everyone.  That goes without saying.

My mode of thought is and always has been this - Fans, especially ones who spend a whole day camped-out hoping to meet their Idols, often want no more than a Photo with them or an Autograph as they may only see them once in their lifetime.  A Fan will always remember being rejected and how little it makes them feel to be told "no", especially when they put in time and effort to be in their Idol's line of site.  All it takes is a moment - regardless how many times an Idol is asked - to give a Fan an experience they'll remember.  This is part of the deal with Fame.  Consider also that Toronto has not yet been graced by the presence of the Cast in the City and we've been waiting patiently versus many other Cities in the U.S. which have hosted them on multiple occasions.

Regardless how you feel about my previous Post, I will have an amazing time at the Show tonight (UPDATE: click here to read the Review and see Pics/Video) I'm sure and felt it necessary to clarify where I'm coming from before you come at me with your guns.  Check back for more later and please don't hate me for trying.

Your fellow Gleek,



  1. You need to know just how hard this cast is working to know why they have no time sometimes to talk with fans and then later, some time to. They go from city to city every night and also all have side projects to do. Then, they actually have their life to tend to, followed by trying to get rare moments of sleep. They can't always go out and meet fans. In Darren and Mark's case, that was most likely the problem. The first time, they probably had to leave immediately and had no time to chat. Later, they probably did. Simple as that. Plus, you kind of answered your question about them at the end there. They can't make time for everyone. I one time didn't get to meet one of the American Idol top 10 when I went to it, but I understood because he was feeling sick. People may remember the rejection, but they understand. It's not like this is the final chance. Also, it's not like every famous person is forced to sign everyone's autograph or take a pic with everyone. It's impossible, and they have schedules. I don't know if it happens differently where you are, but in the US, it's normal.

    Oh, and btw, where you said most US cities already had them come to them? Nobody in the south got a date. So, we too have to patiently wait for the movie of it to come out or we have to travel all the way to a northern date to see them. You at least have a date. Consider yourself lucky.

    Anway, enjoy the concert. Hope you have fun.

  2. A post well done, in my opinion.
    It doesn't take much effort to do something nice for fans but the effect is so huge for those fans. I've heard bigger stars after long or night shoots who still tried to do something for the fans. And fans do appreciate it.
    Sometimes I think these stars forget that fans play a huge part in putting them where they are now.

    And your post is not mean-spirited. You just write what you observe and ou do always try to be positive.

    Another Gleek ;)

  3. YOU CAN'T JUST GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT!!!You met every celebrity i know and they spared time for you(pics and autographs)...If they don't wanna take pictures with you its not their fault.

  4. Mr. Will-W. Don't worry, I'm with you on this one.

    ( Man these fans are crazy, but you pissed off a very angry beast known as Gleeks who quite frankly will rampage if you dare suggest the cast or thier favs do anything wrong (and the crazy ass Darrin fans who are worse than anyone besides Kurtsies at defending the good name of thier hero)

    I think this fandom is about as embarrasing as the twilight and Bieber fans at times ( as evidenced by these responses) As an adult I have no doubt this is what happened and I can easily accept these kids may not realise how it would be percieved but I do think the Glee Kids should know better.

    I know you've met actors and celebs FAR BIGGER and MORE FAMOUS than these "kids" are, and I know most of them treated thier fans better.

    These fans won't accept that you aren't just some random blogger that was upset, you do this to all the celebs you meet. if they are good you'll write it, if they aren't you'll write that to. but yah, blowing off some fans and then saying OK to others and worse yet giving excuses about going to bed or being sick then going out instead. let's face it if it happened to any one of your rude Anonymous reponders here in person they wouldn't be all fired up and calling you names. this isn't the first time these kids have been said to ignore fans, and for the most part they do a fantastic job of greeting fans, but we can't pretend they are perfect. And when this show is over for them, I bet they'll miss people wanting to talk to them and take thier picture when we see most of them working at six flags...LOL

    Not to mention I clicked on the link to the story where you met Cory Monteith a while ago and he was the perfect Candadian and was amazing to his fans ( you article was fantastic on him I could tell you were impressed, the video is sweet and He was adorable, gives me hope that at least he won't turn into some big jerk.)compared to this he looks like a saint!

    I hope you aren't too offended by the Gleeks, I know I am emabarrassed to call myself a Glee fan more often than not, and these responses are the very reason why.

    Have a good one and don't ever be afraid to tell it like it is.

  5. This post came across as much more reasonable and less petty and childish. So good job for that.

    False excuses? What, saying they were late for dinner? Maybe they just wanted to be able to relax by themselves for a little bit. Again, human.

    Criss and Salling making exemptions for fans inside the hotel? I'm sure that's pure coincidence--they certainly didn't MEAN to snub the fans that waited outside for all that time! It was just bad timing. Unfortunately, they can't read minds and tell which fans are the most loyal and desperate to get a chance to meet them. They were going out for a night of fun with their friends. Fans were in the lobby, so why not take time to meet with them before they left? After all, they had had a few hours to rest.

    It was just a deal of bad timing (NOT the fault of the fans who waited, just unfortunate coincidence!) and convenience. Everything I've seen about the cast says that they are very patient and take the time to meet with their fans and make them feel special.

    This is NOT an angry comment on this response. Again, you come across as much more reasonable and sympathetic. Quite frankly, your last post came across as petty and carping--like Criss should not be allowed to sleep and Salling should not be allowed to feel bad when there were fans waiting.

    I think this whole deal was a matter of misunderstanding. It's that simple. Both on your side and on the defensive Gleeks' side.

    Once again, I appreciate this effort--it certainly made you seem more mature and less like an angry fanboy. Of course you are entitled to your opinion--though I hope you're open to the other side of the issue as well. I hope you have a lot of fun at the concert tonight!

    <3 A Gleek

  6. You're still a little bitch. Everyone wants a piece of celebrities and sometimes it's too much. No normal person would be able to understand; we only see from our points of view (i.e. waiting hours to see someone) but they have to be tired. Being double booked for shows, ridiculous. Also it doesn't matter how long you've been a Gleek, that is not the issue. The issue is being understanding that people have their off days and can appear "rude", which I'm pretty sure they weren't. Also, for Mark and Darren it was easier for them to appease some fans (inside of the hotel) than everyone outside (which was probably a larger amount of people). So you basically argue that if you couldn't get a photo then any other fan shouldn't be able to get a photo. That makes you a spiteful person, not the cast.

  7. You know that some people waiting for celebrities aren't even fans! Those old men always demand signatures for their multiple photographs and I'm sure they sell the autographs on Ebay. So stop making it seem like the fans are disappointed. Maybe some were but then again some people stalking them are there for economic reasons and the cast knows that so they are entitled to say no. Actually ANY PERSON is allowed to say NO once in awhile. You can't please everyone, regardless of the circumstances.

  8. It's a little arrogant to think that you are OWED their time and attention. Anyone who waits outside a hotel hoping to meet a celebrity has too much time on his hands and, most likely, some serious social and mental issues. Is there nothing more productive you can do with your time? If I was a celebrity and I saw a bunch of freakish, desperate, homely-looking "fans" hovering around I would do everything I can to avoid them, too. If getting a picture with a celebrity is the most important thing in your life (as it seems to be) you really need counseling.

  9. First, well-written article as far as coming across as much more reasonable. Second, yeah, you can tell it like you saw it--go for it! But to make judgments on those small little snippets you saw? To make it seem as though the cast shouldn't sleep or feel like crap or have fun when there are fans waiting...?

    Yes, there's no doubt they would not be where they are without their fan support. I'm pretty sure they know that too. But I'm also sure that they cannot humanly greet every fan that comes to meet them. They need "me" time just like everyone else, so to begrudge them of this just seems irrational. They are not always going to be in a great mood.

    And yes, I know you just wrote about what you saw. It just seems like too quick of a judgment with no consideration for what they've been doing the past month and what they still have to do. You say you've met celebrities that are even more famous than these guys and way more considerate to their fans. That's great, I really am glad to hear that. However, when did you see these celebrities? Did they just do 17 shows in three weeks, with 23 still to go?

    No, I'm not saying that gives the Glee cast the right to blow off their fans and treat them like they don't matter. Of COURSE not. But you do have to take into consideration that they are most likely exhausted--and human.

    This comment turned out longer than I'd planned. I hope it doesn't come across as too defensive or aggressive, as that's not how it was intended at all. I just believe that the small snippets you saw of them was enough to make any sort of concrete judgment on. Sure, you can say they came across as impatient and arrogant on this particular day, but to say they are now "above" meeting with fans is just not a fair statement.

    Eh, just my opinion.

    I sincerely hope this didn't come across as merely an angry fan irrationally defending her idols. I meant this comment so you could maybe see that what you saw was not a complete picture and that you should consider the circumstances it took place under and the small time frame it took place in.

    Have a great time at the concert.

  10. Nice backpedalling, fattie! Maybe you should do it in real life, might start to lose some pounds that way ;)

  11. So I read this and the other post, and agree with what the other commenters said - leave the cast alone! I feel no need to say anything else and be redundant.

    But anon at 4:30 - you are out of line. You are a fan of a show that preaches acceptance (not always perfectly, but that's the message and what unifies this fandom) - and that sounded like a fatphobic slur to me. The hateful language is unnecessary.

  12. Stop ruining celebrities reputations because they don't like you!!!!!They like their true fans who would accept them the way they are and NOT say hateful comments about them cause of 1 thing they did to YOU!!!

  13. I went to see them in concert a week ago and afterwards waited outside along with 200 other people to see the cast. a friend of mine met chord, kevin, lea and harry the previous night so i figured they would come out again. 40 minutes later and we were all still waiting there without anybody giving us real answers if the cast was still inside or if they had left. about 15 minutes after that a friend of mine (who was on the other side of the crowd) said he saw them leave on the bus. the security guard then told the crowd that they had to go and catch a flight to their next location because they had another show tomorrow in a different city. So i completey understand, even if i was a little disappointed, and left.

    the next morning i checked their twitters and found it upsetting that they all went to a night club until 4am and didnt board the plane until 11am. for how short the concert was and how expensive tickets went for, they could have atleast greeted fans for a minute. i'm with you on this one.

  14. Yeah it sucks when they can't find the time to take photos with fans but at the same time, they work harder than any cast on television. When they have a large group of fans asking for photos, they can't take pictures with all of them, so unfortunately it becomes a 'no one gets a photo' situation. Two or three fans inside the hotel is much more manageable so it makes sense that they would oblige them. I don't think celebrities should lie to their fans when they don't feel like spending time with them but in all fairness [whether they went to bed early or not] they've been touring around the continent for a month, I'm sure they're tired.

  15. I completely agree with 2:57. Its not fair to say that because a celebrity has fans, they don't deserve their own personal time. Yes, its nice when they give fans some of their time but when a person works as hard as they do, I'm sure they don't want to spend their entire day off taking photos for other people. It's not required or owed. They are tired and in crappy moods sometimes, it doesn't mean they're bad people or bad to their fans. As someone above put it, they don't see things through the perspective of the fan, they don't know how long people were waiting for them and to say because they didn't have time for a group of fans, no one should get a picture, is just spiteful.

  16. I agere with you on this one, i encountered some of the cast ONE-on-ONE. Yet nothing, because they didn't feel like it.