Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Amy Smart filming 12 Dates of Christmas
Although they've been here for a couple weeks already, I finally got a chance to sneak a peek of the set for 12 Dates of Christmas, a TV Movie from ABC Family due this Winter.  The Romantic-Comedy stars none other than our favourite Saved by the Bell's Zack Morris himself, Mark-Paul Gosselaar.  The Los Angeles-based Actor more recently had a turn on HBO's acclaimed Weeds as the love interest of Mary-Louise Parker's Nancy Botwin.  

The lovely and underrated Amy Smart who we spotted just over a week ago out and about in the City could be seen doing takes entering and leaving this French Restaurant transformed into a Pub.  They were filming what appeared to be a Blind Date scene.

Between takes, Smart could be seen enjoying a couple Timbits (translation: Doughnut Holes from Tim Horton's), as Gosselaar alternated between his Laptop and an iPad.  Somebody loves his Gadgets!  Just before the weekend, we learned that he has just fallen in love with one of Canada's signature dishes, Poutine, having ventured to Smoke's Poutinerie.

At one point it appeared that Gosselaar and Smart's characters were arguing, but alas on his way off-set, almost two hours after the originally scheduled Wrap Time of 9:00 PM, he clarified for me "No, no fight scene here".   And to think, I almost missed him leaving too as I was getting so hungry that I ran across the road to get a Sandwich only to see his Van driving off-set while I left the store.

Seeing that I was carrying my Dog Billy with me he asked, "Do you live in the area?" to which I replied, "I had to commute on the Subway a bit and waited for a while out here".  He of course appreciated my patience and thanked me by my first name.  Thoughtful and clearly exhausted, he told his Driver to be careful not to go near BillyGosselaar also signed a Photo for you too, Mavenati but not without jokingly telling me "Ahh, you're killin' me Will!".

Shortly after our meeting, he Tweeted me back this message below.  How's that for loving back your Fans?

To qualify for a signed Photo from Mark-Paul Gosselaar (below), name for me the network which 12 Dates of Christmas will be airing on this Winter.  One Winner will be picked on April 15, 2011.

See some Photos of Gosselaar and Smart filming below, which the Crew allowed me to take on the condition I did not disturb the Actors nor use a Flash:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. ABC FAMILY!!! I want to win!!! :) Erika

  2. ABC Family!
    Thanks for the recap/photos, by the way! Always hoped MPG would do an xmas related movie :) My favorite actor, hands down.

  3. How do you stumble across all these people in Toronto?? Tips from the inside?
    ABC FAMILY will be airing the movie. mgreeno@sympatico.ca

  4. ABC Family...I would love to win! I've loved him since I was a little kid.

  5. ABC Family channel will air the movie! That is so cool of him. What a great guy! Huge fan of SBTB!

  6. abc family,I would so love to win that, huge fan of his!



  7. The movie will be airing on ABC Family channel!

    Would definitely love to win! "Zach Morris" was my first celeb crush! I remember waking up early Saturday mornings to watch Save By The Bell!

    Congrats on meeting Mark-Paul! One of your biggest fans of your blog,



  8. I love him!! ZACK!!!!

    It'll be showing on ABC Family!!