Saturday, October 1, 2011


Russell Brand Tweets his disappointment
While one Russell was in one part of the City being feted, another Russell was being denied.  British Funnyman Russell Brand originally was slated for a Show at Casino Rama, just north of Toronto this evening, but alas after flying-in at the last minute, he wasn't granted entry into the Country.  The Show as of now is being postponed, but needless to say those 5,000 Fans who eagerly were awaiting to see him tonight will be left shut-out, some who were already en route a two-hour drive from Toronto to see him.

This of course is nothing new for Brand who this past May, was denied entry to Japan based on past legal troubles.  Aren't there Organizers and Handlers who ensure this type of stuff goes through smoothly before the Talent fly in?  My heart goes out to all of you  disappointed Fans.  I know how much labour goes into going to a Show at Casino Rama!

UPDATE: So the PRs at Casino Rama helped clean-up this mess by declaring that Brand apparently never even left California on Saturday due to plane failure. The Show has been rescheduled for Thursday, December 8, 2011.  Believe what you will!


  1. Well, so much was said about Russell Brand life style,some people are really critical, nobody asked you to copy his life style, if you do not like him, you do not have to see his show !
    However, there are over 5000 people who has got or brought tickets from Casino Rama and Ticket Master waiting to see his show, and felt really disappointed and frustrated after being there at Rama for the whole day waiting for the show, and only 3 hours before the show, it was announced that the show was cancelled, why not earlier???? My daughter, a University Student traveled 5 hours by train and 1 1/2 hours by tour bus to come to see his show with her friend, they were so excited, but ends up with such disappointment when the news was announced while we were eating the buffet in Rama. I could comprehended the reason why, as after the show (if it was not cancelled), she had to get up at 8 a.m. get out of Rama by bus, and then hurried back for another 5 hours plus train to rush back to Ottawa the next morning (Sunday) such that she can go back to the University on Monday. These costs the young people a lot of time, and to them, a lot of money just for the show. I do not think it is fair either. I am glad she is not a gambler, otherwise, she will ends up gambling and lose a lot of money during her hotel stay for the night at Rama for nothing. I would think, it should just be fair to find out with the Canada custom whether there is a problem or not before Casino Rama announced the added on show, if the singer had once been deported from Japan because he smoke........, but of course not, they wanted these thousands of people to go to their Casino and ends up losing the last buck that they had. As these days, without these shows, everybody knows that their payout is lower than 65%, much lower than other Casino, and their staff are rude, so who would go there instead of going to Fallsview or Georgian Downs, or Ceasar Palace in Windsor where their staff if much more polite and professional and their payout is within in acceptable guideline. That's to all the people who came to see the show is really unfair. The fact being why did Rama did not announced earlier when they found out but wait till 3 hours before the show starts, that really SUCKS !!

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