Thursday, January 27, 2011


Shay Mitchell & Mr. Will-W.
The Cast of ABC Family's Pretty Little Girls have officially taken over Toronto today and despite some initial setbacks due to a canceled New York City flight, our v. own Shay Mitchell made it into her Hometown midday.

Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale visited CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show earlier today, followed by a visit to CP24 and a taping of eTalk. The duo were joined by Co-stars Troian Belissario and Mitchell afterward, having Lunch on Queen St. before heading back to MuchMusic Headquarters where they greeted hoards of Fans inside and outside the Studio, on staple program New.Music.LivePretty Little Liars airs currently Monday nights on MuchMusic at 8:00 PM EST.

Troian Belissario & Mr. Will-W.
Following a busy day of Press, the Girls headed back to their Hotel, carrying heaps of Shopping Bags, including goodies from popular retailer Aritzia which gifted the Girls generously with merchandise. Although, Benson and Hale were in a hurry to head back to their rooms, Belissario and Mitchell came out to greet Fans, taking Photos and signing Autographs.

After de-compressing for a bit, the Girls got ready to head out to Dinner, with Benson and Hale greeting Fans from their GMC.  A few Autograph Hounds waiting on Basketball Players shouted to Benson, "Nobody cares, Ashley!" and playfully she and Hale both responded with looks of shock before rolling up their windows.  

Watch below:

The Girls headed over to Hazelton Hotel's newly-renovated ONE, enjoying a quiet Dinner. Occasionally they were seen smoking Cigarettes in front of the restaurant in the frigid temperatures of Toronto. Mitchell has committed to showing her Cast Mates around town during their stay which ends Saturday, so perhaps we'll see more of them out and about in the City?

See more Photos of the Girls below:

For more on Benson and Hale's arrival in Toronto last night, click here.  An Autograph Giveaway is coming up.  Stay tuned for details!

(Photo/video credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. they're adults, they can do whatever they want! :)

  2. I know lol, nothing wrong with it, just surprised me, that's all. All of them?

  3. I can't confirm ALL, but at least two of them were smoking.

  4. Please tell me Shay wasn't one of them. That would be such a contradiction to her healthy lifestyle.

  5. Cigarettes, appeal gone. Thanks Will

  6. who were the 2 smoking...
    its hard for me to make predictions but i would have to say ashley for sure and....?

    1. Both Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell smoke. Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario do not.

  7. So Will. Which of the girls were the friendliest with fans. My guess would be Lucy and Ashley, but I'm basing that on basically assumption. :P

  8. Guys, I won't name names. But just know there are cast members I saw who smoke:) let's leave it at that.

    Sam, they were all sweet. Honest! I think Shay and Lucy were probably most outgoing. Troian was most private.

  9. even tho we may not get an actual answer i want to get other perspectives on who the 2 smokers are.

    Lucy - NO definitely NO (she stated in an interview)
    Ashley - YES, just seems like she would
    Troian - unsure?
    Shay- unsure?

    anyone agree/disagree with me ???

  10. i read someone said on twitter that shay was smoking...

  11. Ya know what guys? why is it so important to know which one of the cast smokes? does it matter? there are worst things in this world than smoking! at least they ain't out doing drugs ya know? or stealing stuff or any other bad things. They shouldn't be treated any different just because they smoke! if this affects you as a fan then your truly not a fan. just saying the truth! so lets just leave this alone! and let them live their lives k? thats all i wanna say. Xo

  12. smoker or not, shay mitchell is a rockstar in my book. Not only is she superbly entertaining as Emily Fields, but Shay is actually using her role to inspire and make a difference. gotta love her!

  13. C'mon Will, you know you want to. *Alison voice*

    Ok so...
    Lucy can be eliminated since she stated that she doesn't in an interview. Cool.

    After some quick MySpace stalking I found out Troian does and has pictures. Which would explain her sultry, raspy voice.

    Which leaves Shay and Ashley. I can't say I'd be too surprised about either.
    Not to stereotype, but most young girls who are in or have been in the modeling industry smoke cigarettes.

    Ashley, idk much about her, it's just not hard to picture.

  14. There is some serious CSI activity going on here! :)

    Guys, don't forget to enter that Autograph Giveaway on my main page!! Good luck to you! x

  15. whoever you are that started your comment with "C'mon Will, you know you want to. *Alison voice*" i love hearing your feedback!!!

    your point about troian does make sense now because she does have that weird voice. do you have the link to the pictures for her on myspace????

    and who else said they seen it on twitter that shay smokes??

    im not judging them or anything
    i love all 4 girls no matter what they do!

  16. Anonymous said...
    i read someone said on twitter that shay was smoking...
    Sunday, January 30, 2011 3:41:00 AM
    ---->> my previous comment

    on twitter some fan who saw them tweeted that they saw the girls smoking and they even said that shay was smoking next to them. not sure how credible their statements are, and its kinda hard to find the actual tweets.

    i didn't mind it at first but, whoa... people are intrigued!

  17. "whoever you are that started your comment with "C'mon Will, you know you want to. *Alison voice*" i love hearing your feedback!!!

    your point about troian does make sense now because she does have that weird voice. do you have the link to the pictures for her on myspace????"

    Thank you! :)
    Troian's myspace:

    Aha, I found the tweet.!/justalexlabelle/status/30817067980562432

    She says all of them were smoking though. Interesting.

    Now if only I knew who A was...

  18. i guess its hard to judge the accuracy of the fan tweeting that, but i cant really see why they would make that up ??

    all facts point to troian and shay (2 oldest)
    good for them :) no judgement

  19. that girl who said that on twitter sure does like to tweet alot :P

    troians myspace is so badass

  20. Now Will, were you stalking them or hanging out? :P

  21. Definition: Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted, obsessive attention by individuals (and sometimes groups of people) to others. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation.

    If their smiles are any indication of "harassment" and "intimidation", please have their Lawyers contact mine. LOL xx

  22. Sooo since you tease us by mentioning cigarettes and not telling who, can you at least say what kind they were smoking?

    Since the only one I don't care about is the one who definitely doesn't smoke, I don't want my girls poisoning those lungs with those disgusting, redneck, manly, Marlboros.

  23. People like you that get so offended when a girl smokes makes it sexy as anything. They are actually doing something all you judgmental pricks don't accept AND it looks hot. Sexy!