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Darren Criss in Toronto for Glee Live! In Concert! Tour
Despite starring in a bold and outrageous Musical Sitcom, some Cast members of Fox's Glee appear to be rather Fan-shy off-Camera.  Arriving in Toronto earlier today, Heather Morris, Kevin McHale, Darren Criss and Mark Salling, plus recent Cast additions Titus Makin Jr., Riker Lynch and Curt Mega had adventures of their own in Toronto.

McHale and Morris enjoyed their afternoon shopping in Yorkville, perusing the Fashions of Holt Renfrew, H&M, Roots, Aritzia and many more.  Catching them on their way back to their Hotel, I was able to get them to sign my Season 1 DVD but when other Fans asked kindly for Photos, Morris replied "We're five minutes later for Dinner.  We're not doing Photos today...", walking away mid-sentence.  Almost an hour later she and some Friends left her Hotel, telling eager and excited Fans, "We don't appreciate you taking our Photo", before rushing into a private SUVClick here to see a Photo from Photographer Todd Gillis who snapped Morris out-and-about earlier today.

Meanwhile, Criss, Makin, Lynch and Hall - also known as the Dalton Academy Warblers - rented Bixi Bikes and went on a Bike Ride through the City, winding-up in trendy Queen St. West.  Arriving back to their Hotel separately, Criss took a moment to greet Fans from a distance, telling them "I'm really tired and have to go to bed.  See you guys at the Show?".  It was 8:00 PM.  The remaining Warblers who arrived back a little later however were delightfully friendly, taking time to greet Fans, posing for Photographs.  It was learned that Makin was celebrating his Birthday in the City later this evening.

Makin, Hall, Mr. Will-W. & Lynch
Salling failed to go any further for his Toronto Fans upon arriving from the Airport, throwing only a quick wave.  One Fan inside the Hotel who asked him for a Photo was told by Salling, "I feel like shit.  Sorry.".

Mark Salling
A couple hours later though, Salling, Criss, Makin, Lynch and Hall were all seen in the Lobby of their Hotel all dressed-up for a night out and posing for Photographs with Fans inside, while denying their handful of Fans outside who waited all day.  Leaving their Hotel in Taxi Cabs from a secret underground Exit, they waved on their way out for a night of fun on the Town leaving Fans disappointed.

Have Morris, McHale, Salling and Criss reached the level of Fame and Notoriety that warrants their blatant lying to Fans, making exceptions for some Fans and not others?   Are they not obligated to interact with Fans on days they are not performing? Are they "above" Autographs and Photos already with only a Tour and two fully completed Seasons of Glee under their belts?

UPDATE: Click here to read my Review and See Photos/Video from the Saturday evening show at Air Canada Centre.

See more Photos below:

Watch a Video of Criss greeting Fans below:

(Photo/video credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. Your story is misleading. You say they snubbed fans yet show photos of them taking pics with and greeting fans. They can't meet every fan on tour and are entitled to some down time or a nap. They obviously made extra time for fans and your story is full of contradictions.

  2. Dear Anonymous: "Have Morris, McHale, Salling and Criss reached the level of Fame and Notoriety that warrants their blatant lying to Fans, making exceptions for some Fans and not others?". Contradiction, really?

  3. with all due respect...considering a "fan" a few days ago pulled darren criss off the stage causing him to almost hit his head on the guard-rail...all starting because he reached his hand out to touch her during a song...

    I think trying to stay away from a larger group of fans in an enviornment they have no control over totally makes sense at this offense

  4. ..."Blatant lying?" About what?

  5. the entire notion that the glee cast is a bunch of ungrateful prima donnas makes me mad for a lot of reasons. and the fact that it's being implied here just makes me laugh.

    first of all, they’ve completed 2 seasons of glee and this is their SECOND tour. However this tour is MUCH bigger than the last one. Not only are they touring cities in the U.S. but they're also going overseas to the U.K.

    they’re doing shows everyday. EVERY. DAY. they’re getting sick and having to change around the set list (specifically lea michele not being able to do Don't Rain On My Parade) but still going out there and entertaining all of their fans and putting smiles on their faces. do they HAVE to do this tour? no. they don’t. Especially when it means more work for them when they could be getting time off. They could be sipping margaritas on the beach and living the good life but instead they're losing sleep and energy for our entertainment.

    I wholeheartedly believe this is the hardest working cast on TV. They are. they’re doing more than any other cast is doing with the concepts of acting, singing, and dancing with the addition of this tour. It’s tiring. I honestly think they’re not obligated to having fans surround them in the streets outside their hotels if they do feel like shit or its their day off. Standing outside their hotel in the first place feels a little bit like an invasion in the first place.

    this cast has been catapulted from nobody status to being huge stars. It's a daunting thing. Fans can be crazy. I've seen a clip from one of the shows on the tour where Darren reaches out his hand to some of the fans and they try to PULL HIM OFF the stage. Chris Colfer has mentioned being bombarded with fans at a movie theater once and calling police.

    We have to remember they are ACTUAL human beings who sometimes want privacy, peace, and normalcy. They don't owe us anything to be honest, especially if it's their day off.

    They do a lot for their fans and they are fantastic people. Implying that they're letting all this go to their heads just because of these incidents is kind of stupid.

  6. Wow, the Glee Cast are some of the most genuine and kind celebrities around currently. If Mark Salling says ONE time that he feels like shit and then is going out a few hours later, MAYBE, just maybe he used that small window of free time to rest and watch his health.

    The same goes for the rest of the cast. They all work so hard and are always smiling and great towards fans. They try to be respectful and kind and we should give them that in return. They are people too. They aren't just objects for us to 'play' with whenever we want to.

    I'm not a fan of this article.

  7. This article is ridiculous.... as an insane gleek myself, I'm pretty much constantly interacting with other fans online and we pretty much tell each other right away if anyone meets a part of the cast. Honest to god, I've only heard good stories where the cast was really nice. Even today, someone posted a story about meeting Heather Morris, who they said was very kind. And another met Darren and the warblers. Darren even took a video with them, basically saying hi to the fandom and having a fairly lengthy conversation with the girl. When the girl apologized for bothering him, he immediately says, "No, don't say that, you're not bothering me at all." Then continues to be nice to her. I mean, jesus, that's more than I can ask for from the busiest cast on television. I think you need to step down from your pedestal a bit, man...

  8. You need to get a grip on reality. This article is ridiculous. You show pictures of them greeting fans, they sign your DVD, you mention them acknowledging and waving at fans, again, there are PHOTOS here of them taking pictures with fans and still you complain?

    And this sentence is ridiculous "Are they not obligated to interact with Fans on days they are not performing? " both because apparently due to your own article and photos they did interact with fans and because no, they are not obligated. Everyone deserves a day off to relax.

    This is incredibly poor journalism if that is what you are trying for here.

  9. Exceptions for some fans and not others? What are you even talking about? They can't meet EVERYONE. It's just not possible. Obviously they made an effort to meet fans and this story just makes you look petty and really unprofessional. Next time you want to trash people unfairly you should probably not include pictures of them with fans. Just a helpful tip.

  10. I think we can all agree that the real prima donna here is the author of this article... who needs to step down from his soapbox right... now.

  11. Dude, you sound like an asshole not them.

    "Who you finna try. I bet it aint me bitch."



  13. "Are they not obligated to interact with Fans on days they are not performing?"

    Unless you paid for a meet and greet or some sort of event specifically, they are NEVER obligated to interact with you. Ever. They are human beings and this is their job. Their job is to perform, and they do that well; they perform because you pay to see to them perform.

    EVERY time they meet with a fan without being paid to do so, they are using their own personal time. They are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts (and sometimes the suggestion of their managers). But it is THIS entitled attitude that is why FAN communities are looked down upon.

    Recently, at an Illinois Glee Live date, the cast came out afterward to sign things. Both Chris and Lea, whom I greatly wanted to meet, missed my section; Darren didn't even come out. (He was with his friends, though, which makes me infinitely happier as a fan.) Was I disappointed? Yes. But was I upset with them? Absolutely not. Because they did not owe me ANYTHING. Nor do they owe fans outside or around their hotels anything.

    So, given the fact that they DID meet with fans without needing to (and there is video of Criss and the Warblers accepting fan gifts and, Darren in particular, being incredibly humble and grateful for it, from this afternoon), this article was completely uncalled for and really quite rude.

  14. Please get your facts checked before judging this cast. I don't think they think they're above & beyond autographs & fan meetings. Not at all!

    I think that they have the right to their own privacy for a few hours throughout this tour. They have been meeting fans before & after all their shows! Can't they have some free time for themselves without getting mobbed? They can't cater to ALL their fans ALL the time. It's simply impossible, especially with how big fan base is! Also, they DID acknowledge the fans who were outside waiting! They were able to wave to them before they left for whatever reason- they wouldn't have waved if they didn't care or were "too good" !

    Also, why are you picking on Darren because he needed to rest up? Because it was 8 pm? Please try performing for weeks on end & traveling non-stop & meeting hundreds of fans & taking the time to talk to them & signing autographs & balancing out being able to sight see & enjoy the area for a bit... I'm pretty sure you'd get tired at some point. He needed a break - let him have it in peace & without judgment!

    Let them have their time to breathe & rest without any interruption! They deserve it!

    So please stop posting any more ridiculous assumptions about such a lovely bunch of people unless you've walked at least a mile in their shoes.

  15. Wow... you're just being a whiny ass bitch. The Glee cast are human beings too. They're not robots/superhuman just because they're famous now. They can't meet each and everyone of their fans... they need to clone themselves to be able to do so. Heather and Kevin signed your DVD already, what more do you want to complain about? Feel lucky that you're able to get some autographs from some of them because some overseas fans are not as lucky as you.

  16. You realize you are embarrassing yourself here right? You sound like an entitled teenie rather than any sort of professional. They took pictures with fans, apparently signed something for you, your video says "Darren Criss Greets Fans in TO", so I'm not sure what more you expect from them. They deserve some downtime just like the rest of us get and still they apparently also remained gracious doing so.

  17. Do you realize how little Darren sleeps nowadays? He deserves a nap. Shame on you, taking away the few hours of sleep that he gets just so that he can take pictures with a few more people.
    Do you realize how dedicated he is to his fans and to his work? Give the guy a break. Give all of them a break.

  18. First of all, the grammar in this article is just horrific. I can't take it seriously.

    These actors are not toys. Have you seen videos of them coming out after the Glee Live shows, greeting fans and signing programs? Have you seen a few of the Warblers standing outside the venues before shows, doing the exact same?

    To answer your question, these talented young actors are NOT obligated to greet fans on their personal time. Nothing but pure appreciation for their fans could make them do this.

  19. They've been on tour for only 3 weeks and managed to stuff 17 concerts in that short timeframe-and they still have 23 concerts in 23 days to go. I don't blame them for wanting a little downtime to themselves.

    They may be famous, but they're only human-they're allowed privacy, they're allowed "feel like shit," they're allowed to blow off steam in what little time they have to themselves. We don't own them. Live and let live.


  20. I think you would do the same thing if you were traveling across the country doing shows almost every night. They're in the limelight 24/7 now because of the show, so they have the right to want some privacy and time for themselves. They aren't arrogant. They're human.

  21. Another day, another internet blogger trying to make the Glee cast seem like ungrateful prima donnas.

  22. I know 14 year old fangirls on tumblr who have about a thousand times better of an attitude about not meeting the Glee cast than you do. And you're a grown ass man who actually got to meet some of the cast. I want you to think about that for a second.

  23. The cast is human, they need sleep, they get sick and they deserve time with their friends.
    They don't need to interact with the fans outside of work, but they do because they want to know how much the fans mean for them.
    Even Darren, who had two really bad experiences with the fans on tour with security there goes out to large groups to meet the fans. He got kissed, he got pulled of stage and almost hit his head, but he trusts the rest of the fans to not do the same thing.
    Chris gets hate from all over, he has people telling him he should die and that they're going to kill him. But he goes out to large groups, hoping that these people aren't there.
    So do the rest of the cast, they trust the fans not to go crazy on them. However they deserve some time of their own, without fans. Because no matter how much they like us, it's safe to say we can go a little crazy.

    Just back off, they don't deserve this article or any critique about this.

  24. Please get your facts in order before rushing into an assumption about the cast. I have a hard time believing you are a real fan of any of the Glee kids given the nature of your site and the write up you just did. You basically came off sounding like an entitled brat who didn't get what he wanted. Kevin and Heather stopped to sign your DVD. They acknowledged you.

    Keep in mind, most of the cast arrived by bus from DC over night while others flew in. They've been traveling and performing non-stop for over a month sometimes doing two shows a day. If Kevin, Heather, Darren, and Mark wanted some down time to be on their own and regroup, why shouldn't they be allowed to do just that? Darren wasn't rude. He waved at fans who waited, said he was sorry, and mentioned that he needed to get to get some rest as would most people working as hard as the cast does.

    If you were a real fan of the cast and the show instead of someone who just wants their picture taken with a famous person, you would realise Heather is infamous for being a sweetheart with the Paparazzi and her fans even going as far as to introducing herself to them.

    At the end of the day, the cast are people too and they shouldn't feel like they have to stop for every single person especially since today was one of the rare occasions where they had the day off.

    Get your facts in order next time and maybe people wouldn't be so annoyed with you.

  25. I suggest Mr.Will watches this, taken that same day. Yeah Darren Criss is just ungrateful isn't he? Bitch please!

  26. Well I'll just add my voice to the masses here.

    What you wrote here is based on such a limited window of time, it's ridiculous. It's obvious some of the cast had plans to go out and relax together on one of their rare nights off (Btw, they don't have to be chained to their hotel room to relax; going out to socialize can do that, too. And they obviously needed to change clothes, etc.)

    Do you expect them to drop all of their personal plans for every fan each time one is around? In the US alone Glee gets around 10 MILLION viewers a week, do you know how often they must get asked to stop for photos? They simply can't always do it. And they shouldn't have to. Any fan who has expectations on this cast's private time has no respect for how hard they work all year long. If they say they can't, they can't. You are not owed anything.

    And what makes your post all the more ridiculous is, as others have mentioned, that this cast is EXCEPTIONAL at making time and effort for their fans. They have a wonderful reputation amongst their fans. They've even taken to posting onstage photos and videos on Twitter mid-concert for the fans who can't be there in person.

    And I saw that video of Darren meeting a fan while he was out with the Warblers earlier today. He was charming, grateful, and personable, joking around and earnestly reassuring them that they weren't bothering him at all. The Glee kids just truly a lovely bunch of people, and your judgmental attitude reeks of personal bias and agenda.

    Sorry you feel screwed out of a photograph, but get over it and just photoshop yourself onto one of the thousands of fan photos you can find online. You'll have plenty to choose from, and with PS you can make sure neither you or Mark Salling are herp derping it up.

  27. Hard working people are hard working, some people are just obsessed and needy...and apparently vindictive. They can't please everyone.

  28. I think that it's important to realize that the Glee cast does not have so much time to themselves. They're all running around and performing and attending meet and greets, etc. Whenever they get some down time, I'm sure they appreciate it. It seems to me that when they come across a few fans here and there, they'll stop, take some pictures, sign some autographs, and maybe even have a conversation. They don't owe us any of that, but it happens! When it's a huge group standing outside their hotel, though, they may be more hesitant because it takes longer and it's really difficult to get to everyone. Also, when they're trying to get inside to take a nap or get ready to go out, it's only fair to them. They deserve to relax when they can because they don't get that chance very often while on these tours.

    I have never heard of any problems with the Glee cast and their respect for their fans before reading this article. I've only seen/heard accounts from people saying that the cast was lovely, kind, grateful, and humble.

  29. Hey buddy,

    You're an ass for posting this. You have pictures posted of these guys with fans, so how could you possibly say that they're denying their fans attention?! If they stopped for every fan, they would NEVER get a break. Cut them some slack, this article is horrible.

    And Heather Morris really said that?! Doubtttt it. I'd bet all the money that I have that whatever she said didn't come out that way. Have I mentioned that this article is horrible?!

  30. This is ridiculous. You talk like you think fans have the right to demand everything from 'stars' just because they're famous. And the excuses they gave, that you called 'blatant lying'. Going to bed, feeling like shit, late for dinner. These young adults are working every day, they are greeting fans every day, they have very little free time. They have millions of fans, all who want something form them. Every minute that is they own time is not by rights, the fans. It's theirs. So for one minute, use something called EMPATHY and stop thinking of yourself.

  31. Well, I was basically just going to say what everyone else has already said. They're HUMAN. Definitely exhausted. Every Glee fan knows that the entire cast treats their fans incredibly well. You're just looking for an excuse to criticize them, and you can't even do it convincingly (I mean, they did greet their fans--you even have pictures--and they did sign your DVD...and there are videos of Darren meeting with fans and being very considerate and grateful.)

    Maybe you should consider deleting this. It just comes across as a grown man whining about how the cast aren't superhumans who can greet every single one of their millions of fans and always feel cheerful and energetic. Maybe you should apologize to Darren, Heather, Kevin and Mark as well. They don't deserve this kind of whiny criticism when they already do above and beyond what is required of them for their fans.

    You aren't impressing or convincing anyone with this article. It's a pointless rant.

  32. Sir, better recongise. They are insanly busy. Fan's shouldnt take it personaly if they catch them at a bad time. It's their privite lifes, privite time off, as fans we should be more understanding and less demanding, they work their asses off already. If you want to see them and get stuff from them, that's what meet and greets are for, not stalking outside where they stay.


    Not to mention hella invasive. And that's not okay.

  33. someone take away this dude's meet and greet passes. he surely does not deserve to meet the cast again.

  34. I cannot agree more with these comments. This writer is ungrateful and in my opinion didn't deserve the time he GOT with the Glee cast.

  35. Your sense of entitlement is frightening.

    It is physically impossible for them to meet EVERY fan. How many celebs would go as far as the Glee cast have? None. They are working their asses off during their "hiatus", still friendly with fans despite being exhausted, and you're whining that they aren't fulfilling every, single fan's wish. You're completely unreasonable! People like you are what suck all the fun out for both sides of the fandom.

  36. Umm...Several things wrong with this article. First off, the grammar. If you want to be taken seriously, you better write an article that is grammatically sound.

    Second thing. Some of the things you emphasize seem a Such as the quote from Criss saying he wanted some sleep, and then your comment saying "It was 8:00 PM." ...your point? So it was 8. He's been doing tours almost every day for the past month. He just traveled from DC to Toronto the night before. These might lead to some exhaustion, no matter what time it is.

    Then you have the quote by Salling saying he "felt like shit" and then your comment about how only a few hours later he went out with some friends. So what? He can't rest up a few hours then go out and relax and have fun with his friends? His job is not to meet and please fans 24/7. The whole cast is warranted their time off to just have fun and relax for their own well being.

    Not only that, but you commented that before leaving, they visited with some fans in the lobby. No, they can't meet with every single fan. There are always going to be disappointed fans. So your comment saying "Leaving their Hotel in Taxi Cabs from a secret underground Exit, they waved on their way out for a night of fun on the Town leaving Fans disappointed" is overly dramatic and taken out of context.

    As for your second to last paragraph...First off, get your facts straight. This is their SECOND tour and they have completed TWO seasons. Secondly..."blatant lying"? Where and when did this happen? Also, they are NOT obligated to meet with fans on days they are not performing. And the last sentence of that paragraph..."Are they "above" Autographs and Photos...?" You said yourself they signed your DVD! You said yourself they met with fans in the hotel lobby and took pictures!

  37. One: Your sense of self-entitlement is very frightening. Get over yourself.

    Two: Darren Criss was perfectly polite to the fans in that video you posted - I have no idea where you are getting the hint that he 'snubbed' them. Again, get over yourself.

    Three: With you having a meet&greet pass in the concert, I'm starting to fear for the cast. Self-entitled douchebag, much?

    Four: Congratulations on making an epic troll out of your self. Oh, and by the way, linking this to Mark, Kevin and Darren's twitter? Screams attention-hogging-desperate-asswad to the fandom.

  38. ps. Mahiya ka naman, lalo mong binibigyan ng masamang reputasyon ang mga Filipino sa ganitong klaseng kabalustugan eh.

  39. Gurl, check your grammar. Sheesh!

  40. OMG I just want to say I wish I can bitch slap this dude.

    The whole Glee cast is amazing, they are working too hard and have so little time for them self. You should try to do that, going on tour, have interviews, a billion fans waiting for you, and a lot of that stuff. You probably will be a bitch to them.

    I've seen interviews, videos on youtube from the Glee cast like Dianna, Cory, Chris and they are really sweet and kind to their fans. And like other people already said, they can't meet every fan. I live in Europe, the chance that I meet them is not so big, so I am not upset. I love them for doing this thing and they are humans too!

    Really if you had what they have you wouldn't be survive. I've seen other famous people being rude and stuff.

    And somehow I wish you will never meet them again... this just pissed me off.

  41. which hotel are they staying at?

  42. No. Just, no.

    I'm disgusted by this. As much as I'd love to meet the Glee cast, there's no way I'd think any less of them if they happened to be busy.

    Even if they were lying about their reasons for not taking photos with fans (which I find unlikely, because if I were working as much as them, I'd want to take a nap at 8pm, too), they are in no way obligated to take photos or stop to talk to fans - they weren't even obligated to apologise to the fans when they couldn't.

    If they stopped to talk to every single fan individually, they wouldn't have time to do anything else. They're human beings, and they do a lot more for their fans than the vast majority of famous people do.

    In summary, stop being an ass.

  43. Will I think you did a fine job of writing this.
    It is called a blog people.
    Since you all seem to want to pick on will check your facts first. He never said anything about season one with the exception of referring to his copy of what he was getting signed.
    Yes, they are humans but so is will.
    Grammar be damned. We cannot all be perfect like you seem to think you are.

  44. Don't be so mean whoever you are. try putting your SELF into their shoes so that you'll realize how hard it is to keep performing everywhere just to give us fans their time and hard work and YOU the one who posted this im telling you this "YOU ARE SUCH A HYPOCRITE!" BE THANK FULL THAT NO ONE ON GLEE WILL SLAP YOU AND SAY TRY PERFORMING LIVE AND HAVE A BAG OF FULL OF SHIT FEED BACK COMING FROM YOU.

  45. Mr. Will-W. Don't worry, I'm with you on this one.

    ( Man these fans are crazy, but you pissed off a very angry beast known as Gleeks who quite frankly will rampage if you dare suggest the cast or thier favs do anything wrong (and the crazy ass Darrin fans who are worse than anyone besides Kurtsies at defending the good name of thier hero)

    I think this fandom is about as embarrasing as the twilight and Bieber fans at times ( as evidenced by these responses) As an adult I have no doubt this is what happened and I can easily accept these kids may not realise how it would be percieved but I do think the Glee Kids should know better.

    I know you've met actors and celebs FAR BIGGER and MORE FAMOUS than these "kids" are, and I know most of them treated thier fans better.

    These fans won't accept that you aren't just some random blogger that was upset, you do this to all the celebs you meet. if they are good you'll write it, if they aren't you'll write that to. but yah, blowing off some fans and then saying OK to others and worse yet giving excuses about going to bed or being sick then going out instead. let's face it if it happened to any one of your rude Anonymous reponders here in person they wouldn't be all fired up and calling you names. this isn't the first time these kids have been said to ignore fans, and for the most part they do a fantastic job of greeting fans, but we can't pretend they are perfect. And when this show is over for them, I bet they'll miss people wanting to talk to them and take thier picture when we see most of them working at six flags...LOL

    Not to mention I clicked on the link to the story where you met Cory Monteith a while ago and he was the perfect Candadian and was amazing to his fans ( you article was fantastic on him I could tell you were impressed, the video is sweet and He was adorable, gives me hope that at least he won't turn into some big jerk.)compared to this he looks like a saint!

    I hope you aren't too offended by the Gleeks, I know I am emabarrassed to call myself a Glee fan more often than not, and these responses are the very reason why.

    Have a good one and don't ever be afraid to tell it like it is.

  46. Uhhh I'm not a Gleek and I still think that this makes you sound like a self-entitled, hypocritical ass. He didn't "tell it like it is". Did you even read the article? He's posting pictures of the celebrities with fans and has a video of one of them being very kind and then is treating them like they blatantly ignored everyone. That's not telling it like it is, that's wrong and really messed up. And who are you to tell someone off for being anonymous and then be anonymous yourself...?

  47. Wow. Some people are just disgusting. First of all, Will is reporting what he saw. It's a BLOG. He is more than entitled to his opinion. No one forces you to read what he writes, it was your choice. Be quiet, keep your rude remarks to yourself. Celebrities get paid ridiculous amounts of money, and part of their job is interacting with the fans - those who are responsible for their fame. They SHOULD make a consistent effort to interact with all of their fans. No one asked nor forced you to AGREE with Will, so for those of you exploding over nothing, calm down and take your disrespect elsewhere. You needn't defend the celebrities, all that is written here is what was experienced.

  48. I think a lot of you need to read the article again before you begin another tirade. All he did was raise the question. Do you see how there are question marks at the end of all those sentences? He's simply putting the ideas up there for discussion, not making declarative statements. You're all saying that HIS grammar is bad, but you clearly don't know how to read.

  49. To the anon above criticizing the Gleeks who dared to defend the actors here..

    No, the cast isn't perfect, they are HUMAN. That's sort of the point of what we're all saying. They need breaks, they can't always give the fans what they want, and they shouldn't be expected to. It's the fans who think the cast has to be "on" and available to them at any given moment who have the impossibly high expectations, not the fans who've commented here.

    And I'm sorry that you feel embarrassed that this cast has a loyal fanbase that will defend them when unfairly torn down on a public blog, but this is the sort of thing that actually makes me PROUD to be a Gleek. Most of the comments here were reasonable and well written, and, while critical of the article and the blogger's attitude in this specific situation, didn't resort to attacking him as a person (unlike you, I might add).

    And, no, if I were in the situation of waiting outside their hotel (which I wouldn't, because I think that's mildly creepy and invasive) and got a wave and a glimpse, that would be pretty awesome. I just cannot understand this idea of expecting something that was never promised. Just like when you're waiting outside a venue after a concert or play, sometimes you luck out and sometimes you don't. If you're going to wait, you need to be mature and realistic about the possibility you won't get to meet the cast or band.

    And if you're going to make false insinuations about a cast that is very beloved by their fanbase on a public blog, then you can also expect that those fans will have something to say about it.

    Your ridiculous comparison to 'Beliebers' and Twihards is.. well.. ridiculous. No one made threats against this man or WENT ALL CAPS RAGING OMG ICAN'TSPELLORUSEGRAMMAR I'MSOPISSED YOUSUCK IHATEYOU!!!!11!! They pointed out to Will why they thought this article was bogus, and a couple of people threw in an 'ass' or 'douchebag' comment. But, honestly? While Will might be in general a lovely and awesome person, the article DOES come off as douchey. So he got called on it.

    And, yes, this is a blog. But it is public, and the blogger TWEETED this article to the cast, where anyone could see it. He clearly wanted attention for his article, and got it. If you're going to publicize your opinion on the internet, you better be open to the fact that those who disagree with you will let you know. Welcome to the WWW!

    Lastly, you specifically said that Darren's fans are some of the worst. I was a fan of Darren's before he joined Glee, and you couldn't be more wrong. While, sure, you'll sometimes come across a teenage fangirl who is overzealous, quite a lot of us are older and have followed his career for YEARS now. And if we're quick to defend him, it's because we know that the picture this blog painted him as is NOT how Darren is.

    He's always been enthusiastically open to his fans, and is just genuinely a NICE GUY. It's crap to insinuate that he's some big headed jerk who lied to get away from fans, when he obviously just wanted to get a nap and freshen up before going out with his friends. We know from years of interacting with him that he is a sweetheart who always does his best, and NEVER takes his fans for granted. In fact, he treats the fans he meets more like old friends than 'fans', as you can see in that video someone posted from just YESTERDAY.

    It's not that they've gotten so big and "reached a level of fame" that makes them not always have time for fans, it's the NUMBER OF FANS that has gotten so big that makes them not always have time. What was written in this blog was an unfair portrayal of some really nice people, and the guy got called on it. If he has a problem with that, next time don't go advertising it out on Twitter.

    Though, I'll admit, I'm at least grateful to Will for the photos and video. Always nice to see the Glee cast!

  50. The anon comments agreeing with this dude, is probably the scumbag himself.

  51. Wow, everyone calm down! please...silence! This blogger has never hurt anyone an only tells it that way he sees it! I know this person has many many many friends and wants nothing but to give positive feed-back!

    I know this blogger is not "creepy", "a douchebag", "a scumbag", "a bitch" etc., in fact he works a full-time job and goes out and lives the life many of us would love...too meet our idols, crushes and keep us updated without any type of currency, but, the reward of a conversation, a photo and news not yet known!

    This blogger had made me the happiest fan of my idols and I thank you Will for taking the time to make me the happiest girl in the City of Peterborough, Toronto and maybe even the world (after my husband & daughter)

    Will, please do not take these statements to heart, you are a good person, a good friend and an amazing blogger! everyone needs "Haters" in their life, that's what make us rise above and proves you are not "a Prima Donna"...I'm jealous, I would love the title of a Prima Donna!

    If you have any more negative comments to this blogger, keep it to yourselves and turn that negativity to do something "Positive" for someone you know or better yet, someone you don't know (is even better)!

    I Love You Will and I wish I could be your shield to deflect such mean words...but, just remember, they"re just that...mean words!

    Love Your Friend Always and Thank You for doing what you do! You're the best "Prima Donna" after me, that is! LOL

    Shar <3

  52. p.s. Before anyone comments on grammar/spelling, I meant to put "and" in my first paragraph! and I will not be proof-reading my comment, as I will be using the remainder of my time to read more blogs!

    Peace Lovely People,
    Shar <3

  53. Perhaps you should take your friend @ShaRRowan Photography's advice
    Let's take a moment to look at what she wrote:

    'Will, please do not take these statements to heart, you are a good person, a good friend and an amazing blogger! everyone needs "Haters" in their life, that's what make us rise above and proves you are not "a Prima Donna"...I'm jealous, I would love the title of a Prima Donna!

    If you have any more negative comments to this blogger, keep it to yourselves and turn that negativity to do something "Positive" for someone you know or better yet, someone you don't know (is even better)!'

    Instead of writing something as spiteful as this:
    'Have Morris, McHale, Salling and Criss reached the level of Fame and Notoriety that warrants their blatant lying to Fans, making exceptions for some Fans and not others? Are they not obligated to interact with Fans on days they are not performing? Are they "above" Autographs and Photos already with only a Tour and one fully completed Season of Glee under their belts?'

    Take into consideration the fact that these people have been travelling quite a bit (which in and of itself is exhausting), singing and dancing for extended periods of time, and don't have to cater to everybody's "wants", because even celebrities need time off occasionally. Then, as ShaRRowan Photography said, "turn it into something positive", perhaps appreciation that you got to see them at all?

  54. Selfish Will NEVER tells anyone(fans) about the hotel the stars are staying at. "SORRY GUYS BUT THIS INFO. IS PRIVATE I CAN'T GIVE YOU HOTEL INFO."
    We'll too bad cause I found out where most of the cast are staying at, NO NEED FOR YOU HELP, as if!!!

    Doesn't it feel nice to help those stars' fans once in a time, some wish they could meet them, BEGGING you to give them hotel info.!!

    DONT BE SELFISH WILL, HELP OTHERS, you dont you, you might need their help once :s

  55. Yup Twihards and Beibers fans have a new challenger.
    GLEEKS are fucking insane!

    "While, sure, you'll sometimes come across a teenage fangirl who is overzealous, quite a lot of us are older and have followed his career for YEARS now. "

    Sweetheart that just makes you even worse. and pathetic. poor Darren and his old lady fans

  56. This is completely ridiculous. That cast works insane hours. They deserve, and are entitled to, their own time. They have SCHEDULED events that they must be at. If they need to grab a quick nap in between, fine. Being seen out later doesn't make them a liar. Destressing by shopping and dining with friends is a common practice. You expect actors who have physically and mentally demanding jobs to be able to carry on without fun activities? And really, they CAN'T stop for every fan. But the cast of Glee does tend to try to stop for as many as they can. They aren't intentionally snubbing anyone. It's not like they took one look at you and said, "I don't like your face so you are undeserving. Lemme go pour some love on that bitch that just showed up". Seriously. Get over yourself and make some attempt to understand the industry you are writing about.

  57. Since when is it okay to go to their hotels and wait around for photos? Are you kidding? This is what meet and greets are for. Those people are lucky they got their photos taken in the lobby, and Darren Criss's video seems like he's being overly nice. I understand the compulsive need to meet "stars" and take photos with them but you should understand that those people do NOT have to do this, and they deserve to have a normal day in the midst of a freakin' continental tour- including taking naps (at 8pm) and refusing to be photographed sin make-up.

    I also agree with the commenter who mentioned the fan who pulled Darren Criss off the stage, I mean come on, if I had this experience I would avoid these kind of "fans" completely when I don't have my bodyguards with me.

  58. There are people, not robots. Every minute they spend meeting fans outside of contracted hour should be seen as a blessing for the fans, instead of every minute of their FREE TIME that is not spend on fans as a curse.

    These people work 14-hour days with rehearsals and shows, have to pack up and move every other day and can probably barely get some sleep on the road. Give them a break.

  59. "Sweetheart that just makes you even worse. and pathetic. poor Darren and his old lady fans"

    Yes, I'm 25 and typing this from my nursing home. Luckily Darren will be joining me soon, since we're basically the same age. Because obviously not being a teenager anymore means you're "old". It's amazing that the cast is able to dance around and be so spry considering their ages range from 21-29. And how old is the man running this blog again, that he was waiting outside their hotel? You just called your friend pathetic, jsyk.

    I will never for the life of me understand how having an attitude of "hey, they're human, let's respect their private time" is somehow LESS mature than "how dare these people not take a photo with me, they owe me because I'm a fan!" They aren't paid to interact with fans on personal time. They're paid to act, sing, dance, and attend events where they interact with fans.

    When they talk to fans outside of work, that is them doing unpaid overtime. If we're going to demand that actors give us their free time because of how they're paid, why not the same with doctors or lawyers? Would you interrupt a known lawyer's dinner in order to ask for some quick legal advice? A lot of doctors travel to work at hospitals out of state for months at a time, is it okay to wait outside their hotel and expect a quick discussion regarding health?

    Do students have an all access pass to their professors, or do they have to wait until the professor's office hours?

    Every time these Glee kids, or any celebrity, gives their spare time to their fans, that's them being nice and going above and beyond what they have to.


  60. You're an idiot. Actors have NO obligation whatsoever to interact with fans on their off hours, none at all. They don't even have to say "I feel like shit" to explain why they can't talk, in fact they don't have to talk to you period becasue that's not their job. Their job is to act, perform on stage or screen while getting paid. After that they have fullfilled their commitment and do not need to interact with you. They do it because they want to, and it's purely voluntary. you are not going to get to have an indepth conversation with them, hilariously they have lives and personal time that they might like to spend with their friends.

    And hey maybe they were a little busy since they're on a national (and international) tour and had just gotten off their 4th plane ride in a week. I remember when I flew on a plane I didn't want to talk to the person I was travelling with, much less a complete strange who would've been thrusting a pen in my face just after i flew!

    It's not being a diva to want some private time, it's called being human!

  61. People just don't know how it feels till they wait hours outside.

    Of course the cast isn't forced to stop for fans, but i've seen people like Lady Gaga, and even Justin Bieber greet fans while on tour and they're both bigger celebrities. I was quite frankly dissapointed by the cast, with the exception of Heather Morris. I think she just wanted to be recognized as Heather Morris, and not Brittany Pierce.