Friday, June 10, 2011


Fans Camp-out on Street in Toronto for MMVAs Wristbands
On Sunday, June 19, 2011 MuchMusic will be airing their MuchMusic Video Awards north and south of the Border.  What you will see is the glitz of Pyrotechnics, flashy choreographed Performances, bright lights and screaming Fans.  What you don't see is the reality of what Kids go through to get Wristbands into the two-hour Show.  

Fans lined-up as early as three days ago, adopting sections on the Sidewalks around the block of MuchMusic's Headquarters at Queen x John.  Seen were Kids dining on bags of Chips, Cookies, Pop and Jugs of Water, while seeking solace from the from the 34-degree celsius heat under makeshift Tents made with Plastic Tarps, Blankets and String.  

Barricades were lined with handmade Posters of Construction Paper with Photos of Lady Gaga glued-on,  showing their support for her.  Little do they know though that a Wristband doesn't guarantee them a chance to see their Idols-of-choice as the Event takes place across multiple stages on the Lot and their position in the line-up is dependent on where an Usher places them.

Although I am all for the Fun and Fanfare of the MMVAs, I sincerely hope we will see a day when MuchMusic makes arrangements to contest Wristbands in advance,  managing expectations properly.  If you're lucky and get a Wristband, you get it - if not, then next time.  None of this having Kids wait for days  on-end outdoors like Animals.  

True, it might cost money to employ a Team of People to manage a Contest Inbox or answer a  Hotline, but this is far cheaper than a Lawsuit or potentially - a Life.  My heart aches for those Kids who go through all this effort, some skipping School for days.  Above this, camping-out on the streets in Entertainment District amidst all the Construction taking place on Richmond can be dangerous.  I for one wouldn't want my 15 year-old Son or Daughter out there.

Although I'm sure MuchMusic protects itself legally by handing-out numbers and telling Kids to return the day on which Wristbands are available and also having Security Guards discourage Kids, this doesn't seem to have deterred them.  Their putting-up Barricades around the block to keep them in-line effectively is saying that they also are okay with all of this, is it not?

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. Having people wait out on the street is ridiculous. There needs to be a better way to get these wristbands out. I can only imagine what these kids had to go through this week, with the nightly storms and blistering heat, crammed along the sidewalks caged in with barricades. Someone is bound to get hurt one of these years.

    The fact of the matter is that no matter the conditions, there will still be people lining up to get these wristbands. It's going to take someone getting injured or something worse for people to wake up and realize that something needs to be done. A system needs to be put in place, where people don't have to wait in lines for days on end.

    Sashin, 19.