Sunday, January 2, 2011


Roger Ebert truly is a remarkable man. Known affectionately throughout North America as "The People's Critic", I have grown-up watching Ebert on Television and turning to his Film Reviews when I want a fair and informed opinion. Ebert remarkably is passionate about connecting with his readers and has evolved his talents to the Internet where he Blogs and Tweets v. regularly - rarely is there a dull moment. 

This morning CBS posted this fascinating Video of Ebert commenting on what life is like for him after Thyroid Cancer has left him without a voice.  Ebert currently is working on creating a digital voice of his own based on thousands of words he has spoken which were recorded.  Despite being excited about this technology, he does admit that the manufactured voice will not showcase his famous comedic timing which one could only appreciate if he were speaking.  Nonetheless Ebert's will to live goes on and he is a fighter.  We also see his supportive Wife Chaz by his side in some touching moments.

Some of the footage here was shot in Toronto this past September at a Book Signing he had at Theatre Books.  Check out the ten-minute Video below, courtesy of CBS.

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