Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Still from The Iron Lady
"With all due respect Sir, I have done battle every single day of my Life.".

Gosh, I am praying they didn't throw all the good bits only in the Trailer on this one. The first official UK Trailer for The Iron Lady has surfaced and Meryl Streep is just astonishingly good once again here amping up the theatrics as Margaret Thatcher. It already is shaping-up strictly to be a Michelle Williams vs. Meryl Streep Battle for the Oscar at this point in the game and as much as I am excited to see My Week with Marilyn this Thursday, I must say that Streep just appears to delve that extra inch deeper.  We'll soon know.

Here, you can judge for yourself:

December 30, 2011, Mavenati.

(Photo/video credit: Pathé Films)