Monday, December 5, 2011


Hilary Duff in Toronto - December 2011
A v. pregnant Hilary Duff landed in Toronto from Los Angeles earlier tonight, flying solo to spend some quality time with her BFF, Canadian TV Personality Leah Miller. Duff, who was spotted pushing her own Luggage Cart - contents spilling over - got a bit of help from the Paparazzi after struggling a bit on her own.  Where is a Helping Hand when you need it?

Graciously Duff thanked the Photographers for helping her out, as is expected from the all-around lovely Multimedia Empire herself. Note that like Mommy-to-be Jessica Simpson, who was just in-town this weekend, Duff also is sporting a big-brimmed Hat.

Duff is due next Spring and we know so far that the Baby (whose Father is Hockey Player Mike Comrie) is a Boy, but the Expectant Mother might have a few hesitations already about his Career Path. The other day Duff was quoted saying, "I would support him no matter what, but I wouldn't tell him to be an Actor or Hockey Player. That would be really rough.".

Just this past March, Duff popped-by in Toronto after a long-delayed flight, visiting equally sweet Sister Haylie who was staying with Boyfriend Nick Zano. At that point he was filming ABC Family TV Movie, Desperately Seeking Santa which aired just last week in the U.S.

(Photo credit: Tyrone Kerr)