Monday, August 22, 2011


Olivia Chow, Mr. Will-W. & Jack Layton - July 14, 2004
NDP Leader Jack Layton passed away early this morning in his Chinatown home. Only 61 years-old, the Politician was said to be surrounded by his Family and Loved Ones. It is under his guidance that the NDP, in a country divided mostly by Conservatives and Liberals, grew into a force to be reckoned with.

Layton battled Prostate Cancer victoriously in 2010, only tragically to be diagnosed with a new type of Cancer earlier this year. This came soon after he led the NDP to the pinnacle of its success in the 2011 Election with 31 per cent of the popular vote, 59 seats in Quebec and 44 other seats across the Country.

I had the honour of meeting Layton along with his beautiful Wife, MP and former City Councillor Olivia Chow, at an ATM of all places in Little Italy back in Summer 2004. Standing right behind me in-line, I struck-up a conversation with them telling them how I had voted NDP in the Federal Election the month prior. I recall them being lots of fun and after telling them my name, they were so gracious and appreciative of my support. Chow even remembered my name when I saw her on a second occasion a few years after. We even took a Photo together on my Cell Phone which made my Friends on Friendster (the Facebook of 2004 for all you young ones) extremely jealous.

Click here to read more about the heroic Layton. His endless optimism, passion and spirit will be remembered.  Voice your appreciation and condolences to Layton on his Facebook Page.

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  1. LOve you, Jack. Thanks for all you did and all you tried to do.