Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Jennifer Grey with Dancing Partner Derek Hough
As if there was ever any doubt, Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey has taken back what's hers - the spotlight.  I've always loved her and found it a shame that due to various setbacks that occurred at the height of her career, she never really got her chance to shine again.  Chosen as the winner of Dancing with the Stars Season Eleven on ABC earlier this evening, Grey has reaffirmed her place as a rightful Star.

Grey defeated an eclectic field of Celebrity competitors this season including Michael Bolton, David Hasselhoff, Florence Henderson, Brandy, Bristol Palin, Audrina Patridge and many more.  

The final order of finish in this evening's Finale based on Viewer's votes was:

1. Jennifer Grey
2. Kyle Massey
3. Bristol Palin

Perhaps we'll be seeing more of her soon?

(Photo credit: ABC)

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  1. If Bristoal Palin is of no talent, then why they won? It’s no business with others to judge her that way.