Friday, November 26, 2010


Amanda Ghost
There seems to be quite a bit of controversy over at Epic Records these days and The Hollywood Reporter just published a juicy story on Amanda Ghost, who was hired aboard less than two years ago to replace that label's former President Charlie Walk.  After having an angry outburst at an Artist Showcase in New York City, it was announced that Ghost will be stepping down from her position at year's end to focus more on mentoring Artists and making Music again.

Epic Records, as we know is the label which oversaw much of Michael Jackson's success and is the current home of majorly successful acts like Shakira and Sara Bareilles; it was the home of Jennifer Lopez until she announced earlier this year that she would be parting ways and joining Island/Def Jam (Universal Music).

Ghost is a British songwriter who in the early 2000s found some moderate success. It was only after she championed triple Grammy nominee James Blunt, getting him signed to Elektra Records (Warner Music) and playing a pivotal role in the success of his largely successful debut Back to Bedlam, that Industry executives took note of her. She co-wrote Blunt's You're Beautiful and also four tracks off of Beyoncé's latest, I Am.... Sasha Fierce.

The Article interviewed Epic Records staff who described Ghost as "flighty", "abrasive", "arrogant" and "unpredictable", having been noted for her outbursts of anger during Music Meetings, throwing CDs across the Room.  Despite her lack of Industry experience, a poor business decision was made to hire her in such an ambitious role. Rob Stringer, Chairman of Sony Music (of which Epic Records is an imprint) tells The Hollywood Reporter, "the reason I made a radical decision with Amanda, rightly or wrongly, was that I wanted someone to try and inject that adrenaline back into the creative side of it".  One thing's for sure, that move sure drew a lot of eyes back to the struggling label.

It is even said that Bareilles' single King of Anything is said to be a retort against Ghost, whom Bareilles had many creative differences.  If you haven't read my Toronto interview recently with Bareilles, check it out here.

Click here to read the v. juicy The Hollywood Reporter Article in full.

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