Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hey Friends,

I hope your day's going well.

I rarely call out for any favours, but I hope that I can direct your attention to something that matters to me.  Many of you in Toronto might listen to 103.9 PROUD-FM. The station has been wonderful to me, supporting all four of my singles and each of them has charted on the station's Top 20.  You'd be surprised the number of people outside the LGBT community who have messaged me on Myspace or Facebook after having heard my music by accident in their cars, while stumbling upon 103.9 FM.

The problem is this though - the station's signal is lacking.  As soon as you venture outside the Greater Toronto Area, reception is lost.  Many of you downtown even have problems hearing the station.  You can help though.  PROUD-FM has made an application to the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Telecommunications Commission) for increased signal coverage.

All you have to do to show your support is paste your name and address into the email below.  After doing so, you can email Bob@ProudFm.com, the station's Programming Director, and he will ensure that your letter gets to the CRTC.  It takes a minute only.  I hope I can count on you for this.

Thanks for showing your support!  Enjoy your day:')



March 30, 2010

Mr. Robert A. Morin
Secretary General - CRTC
Central Building, Les Terrasses de la Chaudiere
1 Promenade du Portage
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0N2

    RE:    Application No. 2010-0107-3

Dear Mr. Morin,

I hope this reaches you well.  This letter is to show my support for Application No. 2010-0107-3 in which PROUD-FM is seeking an increase in signal coverage.

I am a fan of the artist Will-W., who is often heard on 103.9 PROUD-FM and quite simply with the current signal coverage, this radio station is not reaching its potential audience outside and within the Greater Toronto area.  This means that deserving Canadian artists like Will-W. are not getting the chance to be heard.  However even moreso, the entertaining and community-reaching programs featured on the station are not being heard by many who want to. 

The station features many artists and remixes unheard of on other Top 40 stations and truly are a unique presence.  On many an occasion I have wanted to tune into 103.9 PROUD-FM but have found that whether it be just outside or within the downtown Toronto core, its current signal isn't strong enough to be heard clearly.  Many others feel the same.

Mr. Morin, I believe that you have the power to make a change and hope that you do not take this matter lightly.  It is not only the LGBT community who will benefit from PROUD-FM's quality music and programming.  Thank you for directing your attention to this matter and I look forward to a positive change.



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