Tuesday, March 30, 2010


If you're like me, you've probably at some point "snooped" the Facebook profile of that person you were interested in.  In the early stages of dating, you might want those few extra clues to what they like so that you're prepared on your date.  Nothing wrong with that as long as you're not perpetually clicking on "View Profile" to track their every move.  Now that's a problem.  Let's be honest though, we've all done it!

I was reading this Glamour article posted on MSN today and I found it was pretty spot-on in shedding some light on what a Facebook profile and pictures can say about your boyfriend or man of interest.   

The article categorizes guys into among others, these groupings:
  • guys who use party photos as their profile pictures (they may not be into relationships)
  • guys who post only pics with their pets (perhaps too introverted?)
  • guys with pics of them and a celebrity (they're professional and fun)
  • guys who pose for pics of them with pretty girls or guys (a warning sign?)
  • guys who constantly update their profiles (social and loves interaction... to a limit)
  • guys with negative status updates (lacking control in their own lives?)
  • guys who constantly take quizzes (competitive and maybe lacking attention to details)
  • guys with tons of friends (popular and fun-loving, but maybe overextended?)
  • guys with few friends (private and loyal)
  • guys who play lots of Facebook games (only problematic if they claim to be busy all the time)

Of course, I'm the guy who likes to post pictures with celebrities on occasion as evinced above and I'd say Glamour is right on about me.  But of course, I do go a little overboard on the pet pics sometimes.  Overextended?  Maybe a little...