Sunday, August 12, 2012


Tom Arnold & Roseanne Barr reunite on Comedy Central's #RoseanneRoast
"She went on Johnny Carson, she got validation from the King and that can never be taken away from her... I want you to know Roseanne, that you're my Johnny Carson. Thanks for letting me sit in your chair for a little while.". - Tom Arnold

So amazing to see Ex-Husband and Wife Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr aka Rozilla (as per Gilbert Gottfried) reuinte on Comedy Central's #RoseanneRoast and be real civil about it. Funnywoman Barr received some real nasty shots from some of her Contemporaries including the likes of Gilbert Gottfried, Jeffrey Ross, Ellen Barkin, Seth Green, Carrie Fisher, Jane Lynch and Wayne Brady all paying their (dis)respects to the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning Comedian/Actress.  Despite Barr admitting on Twitter she was so nervous earlier that she chewed her nails off, she handled it all like a Champ, taking all shots with a smile.  

Upon finally taking the stage, Barr asked "Where the hell are the Stars? I must've pissed-off every Celebrity I know. I was in a Movie with Meryl Streep and I get Amy Schumer?".  Unafraid to shake things up, she continued, "Thank God for Jane Lynch... you are one ferocious B*tch, but I hate you because you're thin. But I guess I'd be thin too if all I ever ate was (delete expletive)!", taking aim one-by-one at her Roasters. 

Barr left on a high note telling the Audience, "If I can bury my hate for the likes of Tom Arnold, maybe there's a chance we could have World Peace", before delivering a condensed and tolerable version of Star Spangled Banner to wild applause.

Check Comedy Central Canada's Website for additional details, although unfortunately #RoseanneRoast wasn't available for live streaming on their Website.

In the meantime, you can stream it here.  Thanks to my Reader Kevin for sending this over!

(Photo credit: Comedy Central)