Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Spice Girls in London - June 2012
"Goosebumps" and "tears" best describe the Spice Girls' reactions after attending workshops for the upcoming Musical Viva Forever, set to open this December in London! The Quintet reunited earlier today for a day of Press in support of the Stage Production.

"Baby Spice" Emma Bunton reveals to Showbiz 411 that an integral part of the Jennifer Saunders-penned Musical is about the relationship between a Mother and her Daughter. "I hope that they go all dressed-up and just go out for a great night out!", she says with excitement. Meanwhile, "Posh Spice" Victoria Beckham indicates that she's most excited for the Scene with their Hit Mama!

See the Spice Girls' Chat below with Showbiz 411:

(Photo/video credit: Showbiz 411)