Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Josh Lucas & Fiancée in Toronto - March 2012
In the latest of a litany of Josh Lucas spottings around Toronto which I have witnessed in recent months, the Star of NBC's The Firm was out and about with his Fiancée (whose name we still do not know!) over the weekend at the City's new Thai "It-Spot" Khao San Road.  Although it was reported that this was Lucas' first time visiting, Onlookers say that he and the soon-to-be-Mrs. were rather pleased with their Order, with plenty left to take home.

Upon exiting the Restaurant, Lucas stopped to pose for a couple Photos with Fans as his Fiancee watched-on lovingly, all-smiles.  One Gentleman asked who struggled visibly to figure where he knew the Actor from asked, "Sorry, what's your name again?".  "My name is Josh", he replied humbly with a hint of an Arkansas drawl.

I cannot stop running into the always gentlemanly Lucas.  Sometimes accidentally.  Sometimes not.  Come, let's have a Retrospective:

 (Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)