Saturday, September 11, 2010


Kat Dennings & Mr. Will-W.
The premiere for first-time Canadian Director Michael Goldbach's Daydream Nation took place at Ryerson Theatre tonight, drawing quite a crowd of spectators.  The event even brought out Emma Roberts - daughter of Eric and niece of Julia - in addition to some bigger local names like Liane Balaban.  I did get to meet the film's star on her way into the theatre and she was sweet enough to pose for a photo together.  The photo I got her to sign drew a reaction from her and she called over to the Photographer who took that photo that she was signing his picture.

Goldbach is very lucky to have worked with the cast he had been given for the film as Kat Dennings is a fantastic young talent.  Dennings stars as Caroline, a girl who moves to a small town with her Father but soon finds herself in rebellion mode, lacking a connection with the locals - many who are obsessed with Drug experimentation, all while a Serial Killer lurks in the background.

Caroline has an affair with her Teacher Barry (Josh Lucas) whom we learn also has a few demons of his own to deal with, all the while falling for a boy named Thurston (Reece Thompson).  She is torn between these two lovers, all the while an impending sense of danger is always marring the spirit of the town they live in.  Through handed-down tales of those central to the story told by Caroline, we gain a more thorough perspective on what she is up against; her post-modern perspective on life, femininity and sexuality versus the dated ideologies of her town.

Despite some good work from Dennings, Lucas and Andie MacDowell who plays Thurston's mother, Daydream Nation never really hits is best stride until too late and even then we walk away feeling confused with the narrative of the story.  Is this a thriller or a romance?  Although it seems to be more the latter, it never really quite finds itself and in the end lacks enough heart to be so. But not bad still for a first-time effort. The E1 Entertainment film does not yet have a confirmed release date.  Grade: C+

Check out some more pics of the premiere of Daydream Nation:
Kat Dennings
Kat Dennings
Emma Roberts
Michael Goldbach

Kat Dennings
Josh Lucas

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. The picture you have labeled "Reece Thompson" is of Michael Goldbach.

  2. Thank you Daniel! What would I do without my readers? :) Happy TIFF.