Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Khao San Road
OMG. New favourite restaurant.  Khao San Road is tucked away in Entertainment District at Adelaide x Peter and although it is a compact space with communal tables and squished walkways, dare I say that this just might be Toronto's best Thai Restaurant.

Starting simple, I tried standard items like Chai Nom Yen (Thai Iced Tea), Sam Roas Pad Thai (with Chicken) and Sa Koo Ma Prao (Coconut Tapioca Pudding), but each were done so beautifully that even hours after the meal, I find myself thinking about returning soon to try other items.  The Pad Thai was spicy, savoury and tangy without that fluorescent red sauce we're so accustomed to seeing.  The Iced Tea actually tasted like Tea and that Tapioca Pudding was dense and loaded with intense Coconut flavour.

The well-traveled Gentleman sitting directly across from me at my table could not stop raving about the intricate flavours of his Khao Soi (Egg Noodles in Curry Sauce - comes with choice of Chicken or Braised Beef).  "The quality level hasn't slipped one bit in my year or so of eating here", he tells me. The Dish also is a massive favourite among Staff also, I learned upon surveying them.

Price points are extremely reasonable, most Dishes ranging around the $13-$15 range and the endless line-up extending out the door was telling of how receptive Torontonians are towards this delightful Eatery from Jeff and Nuit Regular.

Although their Staff wouldn't name names, Khao San Road also has become an instant hit with some Celebrities in-town filming.  Hmm.

Visit Khao San Road's Website here.

Chai Nom Yen
Sam Roas
Sa Koo Ma Prao

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)