Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ashley Tisdale in Toronto - August 2011
Running into Ashley Tisdale again at the Toronto Pearson International Airport this evening pretty much confirms what I already know and have seen from the Actress/Singer, who is best known for her work on Disney's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, High School Musical and TV Series Hellcats.

Arriving from Los Angeles earlier this evening, she denied a couple Fans Autographs as she made her way towards her Vehicle, saying "Sorry, I've gotta go.".  Finally realizing her Vehicle wasn't quite ready, begrudgingly she signed two Autographs before being approached by another young Fan  outside who was with her Mother.  After hesitating, she finally took a Photo with the young Girl.  One Paparazzi waiting outside politely asked Tisdale if she could pose for a Photo, to which she replied "No!  I don't do this back home and I'm not doing it here for you!".  Ouch.  

What she doesn't understand perhaps is that Photos taken of her normally surface back on her Fan Blogs like Just Jared Jr., and  Her Fans often enjoy seeing these Photos of her as it makes them feel connected to her.  The Fans don't want to see their Idol frowning or ducking her head, now do they? And besides this, Toronto has been good to her - the least she could do is throw back a smile, wouldn't you agree?  Such is the Price Tag attached to Fame.  It was one Paparazzi only and he was even nice enough to ask!

Tisdale is in Toronto to promote the Hollywood Era fashion line, available at Wal-Mart Canada and she is slated for a day of Press tomorrow.  Unfortunately, last time she was in the City this past April promoting her DVD, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, Charlie Sheen also was in-town which detracted some focus from her visit.

Although I'm sure Tisdale's Fans have their own reasons for loving her - which I don't judge - this is my third time seeing her in-person and I have heard multiple encounters from Fans who have been denied Photos and Autographs from her prior.  Although I don't know Tisdale personally, I simply don't get a friendly vibe from her at all on a Fan level; I really am not out to dash anyone's hopes ...I just call it as I see it.  Don't hate me!

You can read about the previous times I've encountered Tisdale here and here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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  1. What a loser -she is nothing without HSM doesn't she realize that!?! She should be grateful that people even recognize her lol