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Mackenzie Phillips & Mr. Will-W.
It was only a matter of time before she made her comeback and it would appear that Mackenzie Phillips is now ready for her close-up again. Actress and Author Phillips is in town right now promoting her new Film, Peach Plum Pear, from first-time Director Alana Morshead. The Drama is slated for a Premiere at the ninth annual The Female Eye Film Festival, which is taking place at theatres around the City. Her performance has already won her a Best Actress Award at the Festival, which celebrates Female Filmmakers.

Phillips' much-talked about past cannot be avoided in Google searches, but one thing I have admired about her is her true audacity and willingness to face her fears. I have been a devoted Fan of hers since my early Childhood when I would watch One Day at a Time with my Brothers in our Living Room. Since appearing in the spotlight again with her 2009 bestselling Memoir, High on Arrival which had peaked the interest of among others Oprah Winfrey, I have been affected genuinely by her courage in speaking out about Child Sexual Abuse. Since her appearance on Winfrey's Show, celebrities like Tyler Perry have gone on to speak publicly about their experiences on the matter too.

Phillips did a round of Press which included CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show earlier today, and programs like Canada AM and Entertainment Tonight Canada. Seeing her in an interview with Denis quite literally made my eyes wet with her honesty and recounting the estrangement she had experienced from her Family after revealing to the world her deepest, darkest secrets.

After dropping a note of support to Phillips on Twitter earlier today, I was able to connect with her this Afternoon and she was just remarkably kind.  She asked me how my Dog Billy was doing after I mentioned earlier that he was hospitalized today, putting me a little on the emotional side of late, then giving me a much-needed hug.  

Phillips I learned, is actually an avid Dog Lover, telling me how much she misses her Dogs back home.  While she is busy with her Promotional Tour these days, her Son Shane - now 24 - is caring for her three Pets, plus one whom she is caring for while one of her Friends is getting rehabilitated.   She tells me that one of them had actually developed a minor medical problem while she was away, which she has been tending to Long Distance.

I was touched to hear about her conscious choice to adopt Rescue Dogs and currently her Pet Family includes Pugs and Chihuahuas.  Her newest addition, a Chihuahua named Hershey, has only one eye.  Phillips revealed that she knows Toronto rather well, having been here many a time and tells me that we're just like Los Angeles in that Smoking is not permitted indoors, meaning that she has to take multiple Cigarette Breaks outside.  Luckily, she arrived just as temperatures rose in the City.

I told her that I definitely will be attending her Premiere for Peach Plum Pear and she revealed to me what a wonderful time she had working her young Co-Star Tyler Blackburn of ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars.  "Oh, he's a total sweetheart!", she gushes.  We exchanged hugs again and I promised to say "hi" tomorrow night.

Just a little later, I spotted Blackburn and Co-star Alanna Masterson who were at Holt Renfrew earlier in the day along with Actress (and older Sister of Hilary) Haylie Duff.  This was Blackburn's first time in Toronto, while Masterson (young Sister of That 70's Show's Danny) tells me that she used to date someone who lived here and thus like Phillips, she knows the City rather well too.  On working with Phillips, both Blackburn and Masterson tell me, "Mackenzie is the best!".  I am so positively stoked to see this performance.

As an interesting aside, Twitter reports indicate that the Cast of Peach Pear Plum were spotted having Dinner last night at mainstay The Spaghetti Factory.  They can be spotted on Saturday, March 20, 2011 at Rainbow Cinemas - Market Square at 7:00 PM for their Premiere, where they will be doing a Q&A.

You too can follow Mackenzie Phillips on Twitter, along with Tyler Blackburn and Alanna Masterson too!  

Learn more about Peach Plum Pear on Facebook here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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