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Still from Not Since You
Easily one of Canada's most recognizable Actresses, Hamilton's own Kathleen Robertson just now might be hitting her best stride creatively. First getting her big break stateside on popular Young Adult fixture Beverly Hills, 90210 as Clare Arnold in 1994, Robertson returns home once again to promote her new Film Not Since You by Director Jeff Stephenson and also, recent Golden Globe-nominated series Boss, in which she stars alongside Kelsey Grammer. Robertson took a few moments out of her busy schedule to have an Edamame-fueled chat with Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven after a flight from Los Angeles.

"I'm sorry to be annoying, but do you have any Tylenol?", she asks her Publicist before we get into the Interview. Quickly, I go and fetch her some from the Hotel Gift Shop hoping secretly that this isn't her way of bailing-out a la horrific Blind Date. "You saved me", she says as I present the tube of pills to her, witnessing her bravely solder-on with my line of questions. She elaborates, "My leg is all bruised and my neck is killing me".

Just last week, Robertson and her Husband Chris Cowles decided to to go on a bike ride with their three-year-old Son William, when a bee suddenly stings her lip, causing a nasty spill on her end. Not one to let some bruises get in her way of looking her best at this Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, she is determined to find that perfect dress which will function to stun on the Red Carpet and also mask evidence of her recent fall. This of course is Robertson's first time attending the prestigious Affair, after what can be considered a long road to success dating back to her first-ever Feature from 1985, Left Out, a National Film Board of Canada production which still is shown in schools. "I'm thinking dark green", she reveals for her choice of dress colour, complementing her new blonde locks.

Robertson made the shocking revelation that she needed additional time away from Acting after delivering her Son, William. "I gained 80 pounds. 80 pounds!  A lot of that was just natural weight, but on-top of all that, I made the mistake of eating whatever I wanted. I was the Girl eating the pints of  Häagen-Dazs and asking 'I just don't get why I'm gaining all this weight?!'", she laughs. "I will not be doing that again with my second Child".  Needless to say, her combination of Breastfeeding, eating right and Yoga has gotten her back in fighting form.

Robertson is extremely proud of her work in Boss, a hotly-tipped new Political Drama Series set in Chicago. Despite having known little about Chicago, she committed herself fully to the role of Kittie O'Neill - the Assistant to Kelsey Grammer's Mayor Tom Kane - researching extensively for the  part. "I met-up with Women who actually worked with former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley", she tells me. "It was really shocking - the stuff that I discovered and the things I learned.  People are so on-the-table about it.  The Politics are really corrupt and the stuff we deal with on Boss is nowhere even near that level.".  

On Kelsey Grammer, who also just received a Golden Globe nomination for Boss, she has nothing but praise for her Co-star professing, "He is incredible.  He's so amazing in this role.".  Things of course aren't always strictly business on-set as Grammer also has a fun mode too, we learned. Many might not realize also that Oscar-nominated Director Gus Van Sant (Milk, Good Will Hunting) directed the Pilot for Boss. Commenting on his hands-on approach, Robertson says "It's very much his vision and he is in the Editing Room for every episode, including the Sound Design".

The stunning Actress also touches upon her new Indie Drama Not Since You in which she plays Amy, a Woman who never quite got closure from her Ex-Boyfriend Sam (Desmond Harrington) becoming estranged from her after he had ventured off on a trip. Now married, she reunites with her tight-knit circle of friends some years later and we see the toll that 9/11 has taken on each of them emotionally. As she is reunited with Sam, she begins to question her own devotions to loving Husband Ryan (Christian Kane).

Robertson recalls being approached by Stephenson for the role of Amy admitting, "I was surprised as I don't normally get offered 'The Girl'. I tend to play roles that are a little more complex and dark.  It was fun to tackle a simple, true, pure character with absolute struggles". Fortunately, she never had to face the tough dilemma of a Love Triangle in her own life, stating "It's weird. I'm friends with some of my Exes and so is my Husband actually... I've never really dated and always have been in long-term relationships, so I never really had that person who suddenly came back in my life".

As for the question many Readers were curious about to whether or not Robertson still keeps in-touch with her former Beverly Hills, 90210 Castmates, she answers "I don't.  I e-mail and text Tori (Spelling) a bit but but she's got her Kids and I have a Kid. We've all moved our separate ways.".

I was surprised to learn that Robertson is developing her craft as a Writer, having sold her first Script recently and shooting her first co-written Feature Gravity's Pull last Summer in Cuba.  Kris Holden-Reid, Don McKellar and Lauren Lee Smith also star, alongside the multi-faceted Robertson.

Not Since You will be in limited release January 20, 2012 at Carlton Cinema in Toronto via Vagrant Films and Alliance Films, while Boss premieres on Super Channel in April.

Enjoy this Clip of Highlights from my Interview with Robertson below:

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(Photo credit: Alliance Films | Video credit: Mr. Will-W.)