Thursday, March 17, 2011


Christopher Egan & Mr. Will-W.
At long last, I've found him!  The Cast and Crew of ABC's Poe have set-up camp in downtown Toronto after a couple days of filming out east at Whitby's Trafalgar Castle.  Earlier this evening, a bunch of savvy Fans caught  handsome Australian Actor Christopher Egan, known best for his work in Romantic-Comedy Letters to Juliet and NBC's Kings.  Egan was just finishing a Lunch Break during the late-night shoot with Co-Star Natalie Dormer of BBC's acclaimed The Tudors and upcoming Feature, Captain America: The First Avenger.

Dormer joked, "We're going to have to start charging for Photos you know!" as she posed happily with Fans and signed some Autographs.  Egan, who plays the lead role of Edgar Allen Poe in the Series Pilot, out of concern asked, "How long have you Guys been out here?".  Fortunately it wasn't too frigid out, although surely the rise in temperature and his arrival in the City seem to be a bit of a coincidence, no?

One Fan reported earlier in the day that Egan revealed how unfortunately he hasn't been able to see much of the City yet as he has been so busy preparing for Filming, which began on Sunday. 

Crossing fingers the Series gets picked-up.  Would be amazing to have this ultra-talented Cast back for a while more!

A signed Photo of lovely Poe Cast Member Tabrett Bethell will be up for grabs soon and I've been keeping a tab on how many of you guys love her!  More details to come....


  1. Oh yeah. Sign me right up for that signed TB photo! :D

    Thanks for keeping tabs...and for posting about POE and...Tab! :D

  2. Hah, over my dead body! :D

    But seriously, thanks for posting about Tabrett and the show! Have you seen the TB Appreciation Project? I think it's pretty awesome. :)

  3. I'll certainly be in that line that sure to be pretty long for Tab's autograph.

  4. I so want Tabrett's autograph too! Thanks for posting this! :)

  5. You guys are so welcome! I'm sure Tabrett appreciates all our support! Hopefully at some point we'll cross paths again!

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