Saturday, November 27, 2010


Still from Trespass
Occasionally some Stills from an upcoming movie get released and I get excited and this one sure looks good (other than for the obvious reasons).  Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage are paired together as Sarah and Kyle, a wealthy couple in Joel Schumacher's latest project Trespass.  The Thriller sees a wealthy couple who are held for ransom by four men, but as the situation becomes more desperate, a story of Betrayal is unravelled.  Oh yes.  

Just putting it out there, that if you're a Burglar and you look like Burlesque's Cam Gigandet, who plays the role of Jonah, you're more than welcome to help yourself to whatever Snacks are in the cupboard.  Thanks.

Schumacher has been quiet of late but when he is working on something you can almost be certain that it's great and suspenseful.  Veronica Guerin and Phone Booth are two of his more memorable recent works.  This latest effort does not yet have a release date, but will be released in 2011.

JustJared has posted additional Stills from Trespass here.

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