Thursday, November 11, 2010


Still from The Fighter
Early reviews are coming in for The Fighter and although the reviews are generally positive, I'll let you decide just how positive they are based on comments from some my favourite Critics.

Peter DeBruge at Variety feels, "The Fighter feels like kind of a mess, lurching from one scene to the next as if the film itself has taken a few hits to the head, that's not entirely a bad thing."

Kirk Honeycutt at The Hollywood Reporter wasn't as kind in his review stating, "True story of Boxer 'Irish' Micky Ward is played for domestic drama about a dysfunctional family that never quite earns your sympathy."

Kris Tapley at InContention notes, "I’d say we’re looking at a solid contender for a Best Picture nomination. The film played like gangbusters and I’ve heard from numerous critical minds responding likewise, so erase all doubt."

Our friends at Awards Daily have a few more reviews posted here for those who are curious.

I am excited particularly about Amy Adams' performance as she's been quiet of late and this will be a bit of a transformation into a tougher role which sees her throwing a punch or two as Ward's (Mark Wahlberg) wife.  And if all else fails, Wahlberg will be shirtless (again) for much of the film so you just can't go wrong!

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