Sunday, October 31, 2010


Still from Saw VII 3-D
It's almost becoming too easy with its annual Halloween release, but Lionsgate's Saw VII 3-D, yes part VII, not only contains a lot of killing, but made a killing also.  The Horror flick took in an estimated $24.5 million from 2,808 screens this weekend. It is said that this will be the final installment in the series. We'll see about that.

Slipping to second is last weekend's Champion Paranormal Activity 2, which took in approximately $17 million. In two weeks, the sequel has made $66.5 million for one of the most profitable franchises in history for Paramount.

Surprisingly, Red is hanging tough still in third with $10.7 million. The film is still showing at 3,349 theatres, impressive considering it has actually been on illegal downloading sites for a couple weeks already.  Now who said studios were suffering from downloading?

Jackass 3-D although losing a bit of its edge with moviegoers, is still doing well in fourth spot with $8.5 million in its third week, putting it just past the $100 million mark domestically.

The Town in its seventh week is still in the Top Ten amazingly with $2 million earned this weekend and a total $87.6 million in its run so far. Congratulations, Ben Affleck!

Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven favourite Conviction got its wide release finally this weekend in a paltry 565 theatres, earning $1.9 million in tenth spot. Despite some great reviews and tons of promotion, this one inexplicably still isn't connecting with moviegoers. Why?

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