Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Make no mistake about it,  25 year-old American Figure Skater Johnny Weir is the Adam Lambert of Men's Figure Skating.  Talented, flamboyant, fearless and underrated when it counted most - Weir in tonight's Men's Short Program at the 2010 Winter Olympics; Lambert in the season eight finale of American Idol.   Weir stunned as the event's Dark Horse in a black and pink Burlesque-inspired corset.

Weir's sixth place ranking tonight from a conservative panel of judges drew collective boos from the audience at Vancouver's Pacific Coliseum.  Despite this injustice, the star of the night was handsome American competitor Evan Lysacek who ranked second.  Timelessly classic and technically perfect.  I'd like a second helping that, please.  Thanks!

The Men's Long Program competition will air this coming Thursday on NBC and CTV at 8 PM EST.


  1. god love him for being so honest about who he is.
    There is a nice feature on him in the Globe&Mail and a profile on the CTV Olympics site.

    It's puzzling to know that reporters actually need to ask about his sexuality... as if!


  2. I think they ask to clear up the speculation as to whether he is bisexual. people are nosy.