Monday, January 25, 2010


So apparently Adam Lambert's promotional visit to Toronto today wasn't his first.  Three years ago, before he became the glamorous RCA Records recording artist and American Idol runner-up we now know him as, Lambert lived in Toronto for a few months while he was part of the ensemble cast of Broadway smash Wicked.  He was the understudy of the character Fiyero,  but after not getting many opportunities to play the part he had rehearsed so hard for, he then decided to quit and in his words, "become a rock star".

The screams of his fans, mostly teen girls and mothers, were deafening at MuchMusic's headquarters today.  Lambert arrived fully made-up, chatted with VJ Sarah Taylor about his rise to fame and also fielded questions from the audience.  He did struggle a bit hearing some of the questions through all the shrieking, and one super-fan got to sing a couple lines from first single For Your Entertainment in-front of Lambert,  from his album of the same title, before getting a hug from him and being told she was "sweet", which then of course led to some more shrieking.

Lambert revealed that he has become very good friends with Ke$ha, who just visited the studio a week ago.  Click here for pics from that visit.  The label mates revealed that they may just spend Valentine's Day together this year, eating lots of chocolate and rolling around in glitter. 

Glambert, a name the pop star is also known affectionately as, indicated that the key to his success is avoiding gossip and not paying mind to what others in the media say about him.  Whatever he's doing, it seems to be working as his second single, the P!nk-penned Whataya Want From Me is currently at number 50 on the Billboard  Hot 100 chart, an improvement over his debut.  Lambert is slated to appear as Entertainment Tonight's Red Carpet correspondent at the Grammys this Sunday, which he seems excited about.

Check out these pics I got of Lambert today at MuchMusic's headquarters:

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