Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ke$ha continued her promotional rampage through Toronto before heading off to Montreal later this week.  She appeared today on MuchMusic's staple program MuchonDemand, fielding questions from VJs Tim Deegan and Devon Soltendieck.  Not interacting much with the audience at last night's The Mod Club album release party which I had attended, Ke$ha was all giggles today.  On the program, she joked about boys and a guy named Stephen whom inspired a few tracks on debut album Animal.  She mentioned that he was a "big jerk" for making her wait around, not calling.   Eventually he did call. And she even admits jokingly to doing creepy things like leaving Stephen packages of "stuff" at his door; she doesn't recommend that others do the same.  This coming from the girl who daringly broke into Prince's home to hand-deliver him a copy of her demo... in a purple bow!

When speaking about her new-found fame, she has absolutely no regrets other than having acquired a stalker recently.  She laughed though about how life is full circle considering she too has stalker tendencies.  Despite having had the obvious security scare, she is flattered to have a stalker.

When asked about why it is that she includes a "$" sign in her name, she replied that she is being ironic since she never got paid for her guest vocals on Flo Rida's number one smash hit Right Round, because when she recorded that track she could "barely afford to buy a Taco".  She admits to feeling a bit embarrassed when people never believe that she is the actual vocalist featured on that track, seeing that a stunning model mimed her parts on that song's video.

Ke$ha also touched upon how crazy and fun her Toronto fans were at her album release party and even Twittered yesterday how she is amused how Canadians speak.  Check out some more pictures I got of pop music's hottest new sensation below.  She was even sweet enough to sign not one, nor two, but three copies of Animal for me.  Awww.

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