Wednesday, January 27, 2010



As announced last week, Lady Gaga set a new airplay record for most spins in a week (10,859) for her smash hit Bad Romance according to Nielsen BDS.  Newcomer Ke$ha however, shattered Lady Gaga's record just one week later with 11,224 spins of TiK ToK, which has been number one for the past five weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.  Dance Pop is definitely back and bigger than ever, indeed.

We often pit two strong young women together in the media - i.e. the whole Britney vs. Christina thing back in the late '90s.  Why do we do it?  Because it's fun and we all love a good catfight   Besides the point, it's great publicity for both and clearly they are benefitting from it all.

Just scrolling through the comments section of my YouTube channel, the Ke$ha versus Lady Gaga debate is already starting to heat up.  The general consensus however, is that fans know to differentiate the two artists still.  Ke$ha is fun, carefree pop music; Lady Gaga is Pop-Art.  I would tend to agree with this observation.  And if I were to draw a parallel myself, I'd say the former 's music is like a Big Mac Combo at Mcdonald's - it hits the spot and leaves you wanting more.  The latter's music is more like a sit-down sushi dinner - accessible, yet intricately-detailed.

Avatar also now also holds the all-time record for worldwide Box Office gross, earning $1.86 billion in just 38 days in theatres.  Whomever said that it is a bleak time for Film and Pop Music may just need to rethink that train of thought.  How can we claim that the illegal downloading of movies and music are killing the entertainment industry in a time when records are being set?   (Photo Credit: MR. WILL-W.)


  1. Interesting food description. I'm relenting a bit on my Ke$ha criticism, but I still feel like she will be a bit of a flash in the pan. 'Animal' has some good tracks on it, but I seriously doubt they will be listed as singles.

  2. maybe. i can foresee her being like cyndi lauper - having a career after her hits in touring/writing.