Thursday, October 28, 2010


KFC's Double Down Sandwich
It's definitely here indeed.  The KFC Double Down Sandwich is a certified hit in Canada and after just one week of release, the guilty delight is projected to sell upwards of 350,000 sandwiches by the end of the month, making it the chain's best-selling menu item to-date.

The Double Down tentatively will be available only until mid-November here in Canada although with the money and much-needed buzz it's bringing in for KFC and Yum! Restaurants Canada, one might expect its availability to be extended.

In a nutshell, the Bun-less Sandwich sees Bacon, Cheese and a KFC Secret Sauce stuffed between two Fried Chicken Filets, which also are covered in KFC's Secret Spices.  Calorically, it isn't too bad at 540 calories - considering most of us eat this in one meal any way.  Even in terms of fat at 30g, it is on the high side but by no means ridiculous compared to its Burger competitors.  McDonald's Big Mac also has 30g of fat and we all know how delicious and filling that is;  Burger King's Whopper has 64g of fat.  Hero Certified Burgers which is quickly becoming a hit here in Canada, boasts that their Burger has only 11g of fat - albeit this number is for their smallest 4oz. Burger. Hero's 8oz Burger which is closer in terms of density to the Double Down, has 21g of fat. Where the Double Down is appalling though is that its Sodium count is at 1,740mg, doubling and almost tripling some of its Canadian competitors.  

Yes, I would like a Super-Sized Large Diet Coke Bottle of Water with that.


  1. This looks and sounds gross. Good luck to those who consume it and live to tell....Blah!

  2. Bravo, Will! I'm so tired of people ragging about how disgusting/terrible it is when it's no worse than any other fast food burger out there. Breaking it down.. it's just two pieces of chicken with some bacon and cheese and a bit of sauce. And it's wrapped up nicely so you don't need a knife and fork. Nicely packaged, no mess and portable. Kind of clever, when you think about it.

    Funny enough I don't have a desire to try it because it doesn't seem like there's anything really extraordinary about it other than how it's put together, but I have to give them credit for coming up with a neat idea.