Thursday, October 14, 2010


I adore Katy Perry and despite her biggest critics claiming that she lacks longevity, four number one singles in two years is hardly your One Hit Wonder. Sure, she might not boast the big Touring Box Office numbers or the Soundscan tallies of contemporaries like Lady Gaga, but 2010 has been all about Katy Perry and she's well earned her success.

Perry posted a Preview Teaser Video recently for the third single (and her favourite track) off monster sophomore effort Teenage Dream, Firework, which features lyrics and stills from the forthcoming Video. The festive video directed by Dave Meyers, was shot in Budapest and even features a shot of two young men kissing, which people hopefully won't have a Heart Attack over. The single will be made available commercially on October 26, 2010 although there has yet to be a confirmation to when the Video will premiere.

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