Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yes! The official Celebrity Guestlist for TIFF 2010 has been announced.  I will keep things short and simple and let you do the clicking here.

I am a little sad that Mila Kunis, the other principal star of Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan alongside Natalie Portman, is not on the list as this is said to be her big breakthrough role. Also absent on the list noticably is Michelle Williams, who is currently in-town filming Sarah Polley's Take This Waltz, but likely busy filming My Week with Marilyn next month, one of three Marilyn Monroe-themed films slated for production.

I was however, a little shocked to see True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten on the list as it will be interesting seeing him clothed for once. Also Oscar-nominated young actress Abigail Breslin is on the list too! Festival favorite Kristin Scott-Thomas will be back as well as Josh Brolin, William H. Macy, John Legend and Uma Thurman, who all managed to escape my radar somehow!  Should be a good one. 


  1. Has the date of the Blue Valentine screening been release yet?! :)

  2. Schedule is up but the TIFF website is having traffic issues:


    Sorry that Michelle isn't gonna make it out :(

  3. How are you able to tell if a celeb is going to be there. Is it only Visa Screening Room showings that have a red carpet? Or is there another way to tell? Thanks Will!

  4. How does purchasing tickets on the website work? I'm trying to add films to my "shopping cart" and nothing is happening.

  5. Oh no, that's so upsetting that she isn't going to be there. I was so looking forward to this.

    It seems as though Ryan will be appearing though, right?
    Would that be on the Sept 15th screening?

    Thanks Will. :)

  6. John, be patient. The site hasn't been functioning well all day. Give it another go tomorrow or the day after when traffic dies down. Good luck:)

    Anonymous - Ryan will attend the first screening in all likelihood. Usually that's the rule of thumb. I haven't had a chance to review the schedule yet due to website problems all day.

  7. Anonymous - you will likely see Ryan at the Wednesday screening at Ryerson. If you arrive by the rails at the Red Carpet a bit early, you'll be sure to see Ryan. Good luck getting a Ticket!!

  8. Sam - you're almost certain to see at least someone from the cast or the director if you go to the first screening of the movie; it doesn't have to be a Gala necessarily for the stars to show up. They often show up to the smaller screenings even if the film's showing at say, AMC.

    Cross reference the list of celebrities posted on the Blog Link to see if the star you're looking for is coming. Anyone in particular you're asking about?

  9. Thanks Will.
    I checked again today but I'm still not getting it. Are you able to see a buy online option?

    I know Ryerson is a pretty big theatre, should I worry about tickets selling out fast?

    How much would a screening like this go for?

    I'm so sorry for all the questions. But thanks for answering them all. You're great!


  10. Single tickets aren't on sale til 9/3/10 John :)