Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Goodness.  That Katie Holmes sure is gorgeous here, isn't she?  Although I struggled not to take photographs at the urging of some of the Crew members of The Kennedys, I just couldn't help but snap a couple photos here of Holmes looking a Vision of Exquisiteness on her way out to a short break on-set.  

I witnessed things getting very ugly between Paparazzi and some Crew members as things got a little out-of-hand with name calling and threats of Police intervention.  Inasmuch as I respect all the hard work that goes into a Production and orchestrating Publicity, what we need to remember is that once something is in the Public Eye (i.e. filming out on a street), there is only so much that can be done in terms of drawing boundaries as to what is Public from Private.

Regardless of how some Publicists may feel about the matter, exposure - especially when it isn't negative - can only be a beneficial thing.  You'd be hard-pressed to find anybody with a reasonable knowledge of Pop Culture in Toronto, who is ignorant of the fact that Katie Holmes is in-town filming The History Channel mini-series The Kennedys.  A couple months ago that number would have been significantly less.  She's v. much here whether you care or not and you're probably going to at least be curious of just how good it will be when it surfaces March 2011.  I for one, am excited.

With that being said, I refuse absolutely to take or post pictures of Suri.  It is clear that the Crew were trying to discourage this from occurring when she and her big sister Isabella arrived on-set during a quick break around 6:30 PM.  Holmes who barely cracked a smile all day could be seen making silly faces with Suri.  It is clear she loves being a Mother.  Maybe more than 12 to 13 hour workdays, perhaps?

The idea of photographing a young child without their knowledge or the consent of their parent(s), just does not sit well with me at all and it baffles me how some of those who promote responsible Reporting can at the same time promote or enable the demand for photographing Celebrity Children.  I will never photograph a Child unless it is clear that I am welcome to do so.  Today I did not feel welcome to do so. I have no claim of moral superiority though as I'm sure I'm a Hypocrite without even being aware of it.

Ranting aside, the dress Holmes dons here appears to be quite similar to this dress Jackie Kennedy wore to a White House Reception in 1961, with a few marked differences like an adorned belt.  I really envy some of the Background Actors as they sure get to wear amazing costumes.  One-by-one, I'd see men in perfectly-tailed suits and ladies in luxurious gowns entering and leaving the house where filming took place, mock Cocktails in-hand.  Holmes though, was the Belle of the Ball.

View some more photos from the set of The Kennedys today below, including some more pics of Greg Kinnear and Director Jon Cassar, of 24 fame.  Enjoy it while it lasts because we won't be seeing much more filming in these parts:

March just can't come soon enough!  And don't forget to check out these pics from earlier in the day.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. She's gorgeous - but definitely didn't look to happy to be having her photo taken ;)

  2. She should be used to it by now. She's in front of a camera for 13 hours a day:p