Sunday, January 17, 2010


Unbelievable. In its fifth consecutive week on top of the Box Office, Avatar is still devastating the competition, taking in $41.3 million this weekend from 3,285 screens. Is there anybody left on this planet who hasn't seen this film yet? Without any major blockbusters coming next week, I'll bet it'll be hanging on for seventh week on top. Make no mistake about it, this will be the biggest grossing film ever.

Denzel Washington-headlined action film debuted this weekend in second with an excellent showing with $31.5 million from 3,111 screens. The Warner Bros. film was made for $80 million and is well on its way to making all of that back considering it has not yet opened internationally yet.

Paramount's The Lovely Bones, which I reviewed earlier, performed very well with $17 million in earnings in third in its first week in wide release. Despite terrible reviews, the novel's loyal following has shown its support. Whether or not it will make back the $100 spent in production is another story though.

Jacky Chan's action comedy The Spy Next Door from Lions' Gate Films pulled in $9.7 million, good enough to land it in sixth place for its debut.

Leap Year, which I enjoyed very much, slips to eighth spot this week, bringing its total earnings to $17.5 million, just shy of the $19 spent in production for the film.


  1. Count me as having not seen it yet, but then again, you hear of people seeing it more than once, so that cancels me out!

  2. To be honest, I could have lived without seeing it. NINE is more an event for me:p