Friday, January 15, 2010


So yeah, basically I'm here balling my eyes out after seeing Lady Gaga on Oprah Winfrey, her first appearance ever on the show.   I feel as though I'm watching my little sister grow up and am so proud of her.  Although it was a little messy, her three-song medley of Monster, Bad Romance and Speechless was wildly entertaining and the audience, comprised  mostly of die-hard fans, was just enthusiastic.

On the show, Lady Gaga (or just Gaga as she prefers to be called) mentioned how she pretty much dresses the same on-stage as she does off-stage, but to the left I actually have photographic proof that she does like to just kick back and wear T-shirts like the rest of us sometimes.  I got this photo of her leaving MuchMusic's headquarters in Toronto, summer 2008.

Lady Gaga gave us a bit of insight into her daily schedule and essentially she wakes up in the morning, turns on her computer and conceptualizes new looks, going back and forth between reference points.  She then brings her ideas her team of designers, The Haus of Gaga who either give her the thumbs up or thumbs down.  Most of the time she winds up getting what she wants anyway.  She mentioned also that she wanted very much to paint herself blue and coincidentally, director James Cameron was on the show earlier promoting Avatar.  She joked that Avatar came along and stole her thunder.

The show reached an emotional high note when Lady Gaga explained the importance of treating your parents well, always working hard and sticking to your dreams, as her eyes welled-up.  Winfrey also accepted a compliment from Lady Gaga, seeming genuinely touched by her kind words.  In true Gaga form, she also announced that all proceeds from the January 24th date of her newly-revamped The Monster's Ball Tour will be going to aid relief in Haiti.  Also, any profits from merchandise sold on her website that day will also go to the cause.  Amazing.  How could you not love this girl?

Although not HQ, here's a clip that has surfaced on YouTube from the show today:

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