Sunday, January 10, 2010


Director Anand Tucker has been pretty quiet since his 2005 project Shopgirl, but despite terrible reviews for his latest work Leap Year, I loved this film.  The romantic comedy starring one of my new favourite actresses Amy Adams (Doubt, Julie & Julia) and strapping Brit Matthew Goode, turns the tables on convention with its premise of instead having the woman to propose to the man.  After having dated her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) for four years, Anna (Adams) has yet to receive a proposal from him.  Jeremy is sent to Dublin for work and to follow a family tradition, Anna decides to fly from Boston to propose to him on February 29th, which is recognized as the one day a woman can propose to a man.

Along the way, Anna meets barkeeper Declan as her flight to Dublin is detoured.  Declan offers to drive Anna to Dublin and though their personalities clash and several misfortunes happen along the way, the sparks between the two go a-flying.  This of course, throws a wrench into Anna's plans to propose to Jeremy.

Let me say, the pairing of Adams and Goode is just perfect.  The chemistry between these two is magical and genuinely, I was in tears when it came down to the crunch in Dublin and reality had to kick in again for Anna.  Though the same bloody story has been told time and time again in some form or another, Leap Year is special.  At the end of the day, its message is still empowering and refreshing - we all deserve love and if we aren't happy with what we have, there are questions we need to ask and evaluations we need to make.

Adams is absolutely beautiful and I could not keep my eyes off her.  Also, despite being a bit of a cynical grouch most of the film, I challenge you not to develop at least a little crush on Goode after seeing him here. Newton Thomas Sigel's incredible cinematography is romantic and breathtaking.  It sure makes me want to go to Ireland!  Leap Year from Universal Pictures is now in theatres and is the perfect date movie or movie for girls' night out.  Grade: B+


  1. It kind of struck me as the type of movie that gave the whole plot away in the trailer, no? It looks a cute rent movie though. I adore Amy Adams. :)

  2. I know! She's so cute!

    Well the thing is romantic comedies, we all know what happens in the end. And if I wanted something original, I definitely wouldn't go see a romantic comedy. Critics are harsh sometimes!

    Definitely rent it when it's out. It's perfect!