Friday, August 3, 2012


Alanis Morissette in Toronto - August 2012
THIS. An hour and a half after meeting her, I'm still shaking on the inside! Ottawa-born Icon Alanis Morissette is an Inspiration to anyone who grew-up in the '90s. Just ask Katy, Kelly or Avril. Although she's gone through several evolutions in her Career as an Entertainer, my respect and admiration for her always has remained the same.  Yes, I remember eagerly waiting with my VCR Remote Control in-hand for her Too Hot Video to appear on the MuchMusic Countdown as a Kid, waiting to record it so I could watch it over and over.  Pre-MP3s, I also remember waiting by the Radio for Ironic to play on the Radio to record on Cassette, to be enjoyed immensely over and over on my Walkman for hours on-end.  I swear I still have her record-breaking, 33-million-selling Jagged Little Pill Cassette packed-away somewhere!

Looking more happy and at peace with herself than ever (evidence above), Morissette has been in Toronto for the past couple days doing Press for her forthcoming eighth studio Disc Havoc and Bright Lights, to be distributed by Universal Music in Canada.  A personal Dream of mine came true when I finally got to meet one of the World's Sexiest Vegetarians coming out of a Starbucks run earlier before heading into an Interview on The Erin & Mike Morning Show on CHFI.  One Photographer spotted Morissette enjoying her Coffee on that Bloor Street Patio before realizing she was being snapped, then heading back inside where I'm sure several Coffee Lovers were in for the surprise of their lives.

Despite hearing several stories from Fans who have tried meeting Morissette on previous visits that she is a bit tricky on the Autographs and Photos, I witnessed none of that from her.  Looking gorgeous, the Mother of one-year-old Imre donned her signature parted-Locks, a colour-blocked Jersey, slim-fit Pants and some awesome fishnet Pumps.

Morissette is the kind, sweet, most down-to-earth. A far-cry from her angsty Bad Girl image in the mid-'90s. "Walk with me.  What's your name?", she told me afte crossing the Road with her three Handlers. "Sure!", she said to a Photo together before realizing there wasn't enough time, then assuring me,  "On the way out!". As she exited her Interview, came straight to me and my Dog Billy, reaching down for a quick pet. "Hello, Puppy!", she smiled at  him. Yes, Billy has been Christened by the touch and acknowledgment of a Rock Goddess!

Havoc and Bright Lights hits stores on August 22, 2012 Click here to order it.

In the meantime, enjoy Morissette's new Single Guardian below:

Order Guardian on iTunes here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W. | Video credit: Universal Music/Collective Records)