Sunday, July 29, 2012


Still from The Dark Knight Rises
In a tepid weekend at the Box Office, The Dark Knight Rises’ dominance still isn’t enough to spark some heavier Moviegoing with last week’s Colorado Tragedy still v. present in the Public’s Pysche. Add above that the fact that everyone's glued to their Television Sets watching the Olympics. Earning $65 million this weekend, the Batman Trilogy Finale cumulatively has earned $278 in North America, surpassing the $420-million mark globally for Warner Bros.

Despite limited promotion, 20th Century Fox’s all-star Comedy The Watch still manages to debut at number two with $13.3 million. Despite a Cast of Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller and Seth Rogen, it still only mustered an embarrassing 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer.  This betters Ice Age 4: Continental Drift's showing just slightly in third with $13.2 million in its third week.

Step Up Revolution 3D dances its way to a debut in fourth spot with $11.8 million from 2,567 theatres, which actually is the lowest opening to-date for the Franchise. Now onto its fourth Film, the Series’ Sequels have yet to eclipse the performance of their Predecessor in 2006, which debuted with a bang at number two with $20.6 million.

Ted still continues to go strong with $7.4 million in this its fifth week of release, now earning $192.5 million in North America alone for Universal Pictures, just ahead of The Amazing Spider-Man which earns $7 million for Sony Pictures in its fourth week. It’s safe to say that the Reboot has somewhat underwhelming in terms of performance.

Meanwhile, Magic Mike still hangs-on at number eight with $2.2 million and Madea’s Witness Protection rounds out the Top Ten with $1.2 million in its fifth week.