Monday, July 16, 2012


Mr. Willdroid
This is absolute proof of how exhausted I am. Friday night after a long day at work, I remembered that I still had to do Laundry. Not giving it much thought, I loaded up my Washing Machine, tossed in a cap-full of Detergent and threw my Clothes in, including the pair of Jeans I was wearing that day.

After casually looking for my two-week-old Android Phone while I went into the Kitchen to prepare a Snack, my search rapidly developed into a Panic when I eliminated all other possibilities of where my Phone could be - like my Workbag or Nightstand. I then ran to the Machine, bringing all washing to a halt.  I rummaged through the Water to find my Android buried into the soaked back-pocket of my Jeans. I wanted to scream/cry, but couldn't as it was 1:30 AM and I didn't want to generate a noise complaint from my Neighbours.

Not thinking, I tried powering-on my Android - which actually is the worst thing to do any Electronic Device submerged in Water as this could result in a short. Frantically, I disassembled the Phone, patting it dry with a Paper Towel, then Googling for advice. 

The Method which appeared to generate the most success involved immersing the Phone in a bowl of rice for one to two days with the logic being that it acts as an agent to soak-up any moisture in any crevices of the Phone.  Although I was so tempted to power-on my Phone over the weekend - itching to check my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Draw Something - I resisted until midday today when I decided finally that it was time to re-insert the Battery. Within seconds I felt a quick vibration which could only mean one thing: MY PHONE IS ALIVE!! WATERGATE 2012!! PRAISE THE LORD AND THANKS TO THE B*TCH KNOWN AS KARMA, AS I'M ON HER GOOD SIDE!! HALLELUJAH!!!

I have nothing but praise for my Samsung Galaxy - the flexibility and choice in Applications, the Screen size, the Aeshetics. And now this!

Lesson learned: when you're tired, just go to bed.

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)