Saturday, July 21, 2012


Linda Hamilton in Toronto - July 2012
I pretty much died when I crossed paths with one of my Childhood Idols the other day.  Although I admit I didn't recognize her with Sunglasses on at first, I couldn't help but feel oddly compelled to ask her as she stepped-out of her Production Van, "You're an Actress, aren't you? Can I ask you your name?". I mean, who really does that? 

The Woman replied, "Yes, I am an Actress. My name is Linda Hamilton.".  My jaw dropped and a few Witnesses can vouch that I let-out a squeal of delight.  "OMG. You're Linda Hamilton?! I am screaming on the inside!!".  She then proceeded to give me a hug and a kiss on each cheek, happy to connect with a Fan and pose for a Photo.

Hamilton is working on a Guest Turn for the Canadian Series Lost Girl, as revealed today via The Hollywood Reporter, playing a sexy Assassin named Acacia. She tells me she is required to do bit of Stunt Work on it and was only to be in the City for a couple days.

The Star of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day stamped herself as a Pop Culture Icon in the mid-'80s through early-'90s, in the Role of Sarah Connor.  Although she has been quiet of late, focusing on being a Mom, she was seen recently on popular TV Series, Chuck.  She tells me that with her Children Dalton (Father: Actor Bruce Abbott) and Josephine (Father: Director James Cameron) are now grown-up, opting to remain in California.  She however, has fulfilled a longtime desire to live a more simple life on a Farm in Virginia where she grows her own Produce, looking to add a Horse or two in the near future.  The lovely Actress tells me that she hopes to own a Gelding, feeling that sometimes Mares can be quite a handful.  

Hamilton also is making time with her own Parents a priority these days and is humble about her success, admitting that she has faced struggles getting work in Hollywood as an Aging Woman.  I reminded her, "Regardless how much work you're getting, you've created a Legacy and many Actors couldn't even dream of accomplishing what you have.".  She ponders it for a second and says,  "You're right, life has been good to me".

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)