Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Julianne Moore & Mr. Will-W.
Although she was in a bit of a rush yesterday when running into her, Julianne Moore was all grace and generosity today on her way to prep for work on Kimberly Peirce’s Remake of Carrie. She is set to play the role of obsessively controlling Mother, Margaret White. While out walking Billy yesterday afternoon, I ran into the Academy Award-nominated Actress looking v. fit in a pair of shorts, sunglasses and a tee. She placed her hands on my arms, telling me genuinely, "I'm sorry Hun, but I've gotta go", after I approached her for a Photo to be taken on my Android.

Dressed in a Fedora and Sunglasses, some trusty eyes (not mine) pointed-out that she was actually right before us this quiet morning, with her window rolled down in the Passenger's Seat of her Vehicle. Could it be that my luck would have me crossing paths with Moore twice in two days? In the blink of an eye and switch of a green light, Moore was sweet enough to sign a few Autographs from her window and snap a Photo with me.  Actually two Photos, considering the first one didn't turn out.

Although I have met and chatted with Moore a few times prior - including a memorable one at TIFF a few years back following a Screening of Husband Bart Freundlich's 2005 Comedy Trust the Man - I never bothered asking for a Photo and that always was of my biggest regrets. I'm pretty certain that she had forgotten that Conversation where she told me all about her first getting started as an Actress and her Studies.  She will never know how much it meant to me that she took the time to acknowledge a Fan who she has inspired so much with her Fearlessness, Work Ethic and just simply by being a Good Person.

Time and time again, Moore has touched me with her fully-committed deliveries in Classics like The Hours, Far From Heaven, End of the Affair, A Single Man, Boogie Nights and even as Alec Baldwin’s abrasive love interest from Boston, Nancy Donovan, on 30 Rock. She continues to gain feverish buzz for the forthcoming Awards Season for her dead-on portrayal of Sarah Palin in HBO’s TV Movie Game Change.  This could well be her year in a Career which has seen some v. fantastic years.

Julianne Moore might not have that illusive Oscar she deserves so much beside her name, but she is and always will be my Heroine. Moore than she'll ever know.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)