Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Chipotle Burrito
Sorry, not trying to make you hungry here, but I really enjoyed reading this Piece by Rebecca LeHeup on Huffington Post Canada. Rebecca along with some Staff from Chipotle here in Toronto got to trek up to one of their local Suppliers, Beretta Family Farms, getting to experience a day of Chipotle's Sustainable Food Culture Philosophy.  

The inner Cynic in me usually goes "yeah, right" every time I go to a Restaurant and I see the bold claims of "local" on their signs, but this really is proof that Corporation Food Chains really are thinking about the Future, making us re-think about the negative connotations associated with Fast Food. Did you know that Chipotle Restaurants don't even have Freezers as they insist on fresh Meat only?

New Media Manager at Chipotle, Joe Stupp, Tweets me earlier "We're definitely not perfect, but we're working on these things for the future. - Joe".

Although it's been a while since I've had a Chipotle Burrito, I look forward totally to practically living off them during TIFF this September as part of my week-long Fast Food Diet. And now I don't have to feel so bad about it... Go, Chipotle!

(Photo credit: Chipotle)