Friday, June 29, 2012


Katie Holmes in Toronto - August 2010
It's over.  Katie Holmes has filed for Divorce from Tom Cruise requesting full custody of their six-year-old Daughter, Suri.  The Couple whom married in Italy back in 2006 and have become a regular Tabloid Staple and Paparazzi Target for quite some time now.  Irreconcilable Differences are cited for the reason behind their Split, but anyone who has paid attention to the Couple can see that they both have handled the Spotlight quite different. Cruise although private, embraces his Fame whereas Katie still tends to shy away from hers. Perhaps this is one of their "Irreconcilable Differences"?

Cruise for one has continued to see his Profile rise after a string of negative Press tied to his Scientology beliefes. He has a string of six projects - including another Box Office Monster in Mission Impossible 5 - seeing a projected release in the next year or two, where as Katie has taken her role as a Mother first and foremost with two Projects on-the-go in the next year ahead.  Will we be seeing a resurgence in her Career post-Divorce a la Nicole Kidman perhaps?

If anyone knows a thing about creative insipration from Heartbreak, it's Adele who just announced today that she's expecting...

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)