Monday, June 25, 2012


Still from The Paperboy
This Still of Nicole Kidman from The Paperboy looking pretty much like a Hooker is why I am a devout Fan of hers for life.  She lives, breathes and emanates everything that it means to be a real Star and despite a few missteps following Moulin Rouge, The Hours and maybe even Fur, her Oscar-nominated performance in 2010's Rabbit Hole has ours attentions once again.

My Inside Sources are telling me pretty much that the Film will be at TIFF 2012 come September and for those who don't know, Lee Daniels (Precious) directs this Drama about a Reporter named Ward (Matthew McConaughey) and his younger Brother Jack (Zac Efron) who investigate a Murder in hopes of exonerating a Man on Death Row (John Cusack).  If that list of Notables doesn't excite you, then I truly don't know what will.  Although Reviews are somewhat mixed at this point, it did receive a Standing Ovation at Cannes in May.

Although this little Teaser doesn't reveal much, here's a taste of The Paperboy:

This definitely is a Title you'll be hearing more about here, so let's be excited together, shall we?  October 5, 2012 is the expected North American release date and D Films will be handling this in Canada.

(Photo/video credit: D Films)