Sunday, May 13, 2012


Will Ferrell on SNL
Will Ferrell made a long-awaited return to his Saturday Night Live roots last night, bringing some serious laughs. Opening the Mother's Day Episode with a Speech with him awkwardly describing his love for his Mother Kay, who was by his side. He gave her a heartfelt thanks by the end of those few fumbling minutes, mentioning his appreciation for her for delivering him through her "lady parts with a bunch of strange men standing around her".

In a Mock-Commercial for a medication called Nasaflu, Kristen Wiig and the Funnyman were pitch-perfect together. Ferrell appeared as a Man with a loud, abrasive sneeze frequently interrupting his Wife (Wiig) as she attempted with growing frustration, to introduce the benefits of the Medicine.

Just as she settles into bed for the night, watch what happens!

Also memorable is a hilarious Sketch reuniting SNL Alumni Ana Gasteyer together with Ferrell as their famous Duo Marty & Bobbi performing some Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender-fied Verions of the Hits at an LGBT Prom. Amaze.

For those of us in Canada, click here to see.

(Photo credit: NBC)