Sunday, May 20, 2012


Mick Jagger on SNL
Fantastic 37th Season Finale for NBC's Saturday Night Live! Rock Legend Mick Jagger not only hosted, but also filled the role of Musical Guest last night in a great display of acting chops.  Jagger showed his range, playing a Gay Actor in mock Game Show Catch Phrase which saw him trying to flirt with his Game Partner (Taran Killam), while dropping some not so subtle clues about his Sexuality.  

Jagger also did a brilliant job in a Karaoke Skit which saw Fred Armisen and Bobby Moynihan do impressions of him as he sat tortured, failing to see the resemblance.  In his Musical Performance, he was paired together with some of his favourite new Acts, Foo Fighters and also Arcade Fire showing that he's still got those Jagger-like Moves.

Mad Men Star Jon Hamm even made an appearance on the Show's Cold Opening titled The Lawrence Welk Show which had him appear as an Italian Crooner, Johnny Prosciuotto (a play on Jon Hamm).  His Performance kept getting crashed however by Kristen Wiig's unwelcome attentions as she tried seducing him onstage with her disproportionately-sized hands. Brilliant. Who knew Hamm could sing so well?

Last night also was Kristen Wiig's Swan Song on SNL, receiving a Tribute from her Co-Stars and Jagger, presented in a Skit wearing a Cap and Gown as "one particular Student who won't be returning this Summer".  Holding back her tears, Wiig danced to Ruby Tuesday alongside with the Show's Ensemble and Jagger.  She will be missed.

If you're in Canada, watch Clips on Global Television's SNL Website here.

(Photo credit: NBC)