Thursday, May 3, 2012


Lisa D'Amato in Toronto - May 2012
She sings, she models, she does it all.  And we both share the same Birthday even!  America's Next Top Model All-Stars Winner Lisa D'Amato arrived in Toronto Tuesday night from Los Angeles to do a few days of Press for this weekend's much-talked-about America's Next Top Model Live.  The Convention which takes place at Metro Toronto Convention Centre from Friday, May 4, 2012 through Sunday, May 6, 2012, brings to our City some Favourites from previous Cycles including: Isis, Shannon, Alexandria, Bianca, Laura and Camille.

The Event will give Fans an opportunity to meet their favourite Top Models and also offers Fashion Shows, plus an unveiling of the Sutherland Supermodel Search Winner.  Canadian Pop Stars Danny Fernandes and Karl Wolf also are slated to perform.  Tickets range from $18 to $29 and you can get yours here still.

D'Amato made a quick visit to Global Television's The Morning Show earlier today.  On her second chance at success she says, "It was my fault from the very beginning in Cycle Five where I didn't take the opportunity as serious.". "I think I owed it to my Fans, the Franchise and myself.".

Dave Gerry asked her as a Model if she is sacrificing her chance at Motherhood to which D'Amato told him, "Oh Honey, it's 2012! One of my nicknames is D-Battery. I have a ton of energy and I dare everyone to see what I'm capable of.".  She adds, "I'm gonna have my Cake and eat it too. BAM!", which drew cheers from the Show's Female Hosts, Liza Fromer, Daru Dhillon and Kris Reyes.

The versatile Entertainer who is absolutely stunning and statuesque in-person, took a moment to pose for a Photo with me and also her Assistant, also personalizing a Postcard to me. She noticed my Dog Billy with me and pet him, telling him how cute he is.  Lucky Boy! D'Amato also gifted me with some cool Stickers donning her Nickname La PuchinettaSwag.

D'Amato promises to gift her most creative Fans this weekend at America's Next Top Model Live this weekend with lavish Gifts.  Don't miss out and find out more about the Event here.

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)